Benefits of Meditation and Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga poses and meditation are activities that can be done individually or in a group of different ages or mixed abilities. And at home, yoga poses can be done by everyone in the family at the same time, making this a great activity to do together, bridging the generation gap!

What is important to remember when different age groups with different abilities are practicing together is to really center on the individuality of each member.

What difference does it make how far forward everyone can bend, if they are already stretching to their max? What is important is that everyone move as they find comfortable and invigorating.

You’ll see some overlap in the meditation and poses benefits as both aspects benefit the growing child.

Meditation benefits:

1. Learning even, regular breathing gives instant stress relief on a moment’s notice. The regular even breathing is a bridge that ties body to mind; when breathing is made regular it calms the physical body.

2. Following the sequence within a meditation develops memory and the ability to concentrate, which carries over into school work.

  1. Longer meditations give the body and mind time to deeply relax and center.
  2. I found in teaching, that active or hyperactive kids moving in rhythm with the group, such as in walking meditation, derive a calming effect.5. Meditation is non-competitive, and each can participate within the limits of their own ability, with adaptations if needed, or by working with a partner.

    6. Meditation can be done individually or in a group setting and it does not need a special place to practice.

    7. Beginning meditation practice in childhood sets up a lifetime habit for a way to handle stress, and as the child matures spiritual qualities can be added to meditate upon, such as kindness, loving, honesty, compassion.

    8. Developing the discipline to sit still for meditation carries over into learning how to sit and concentrate to work out a problem or do school work.

    9. Meditation practice develops strength of character, as the child learns about virtuous living by thinking over the qualities of each virtue.

    10. Meditation can help a child learn to think for themselves, and determine a best course of action by reflecting on possible solutions.

    11. If the child is being raised in a particular religion, the quiet time of meditation is a chance to reflect on the spiritual lesson for the day.

    12. Meditation is a positive activity that can be an example to a child’s friends of a way to handle stress and work out problems.

    13. Meditation feels good because a calm mind and relaxed body generate feelings of harmony.

    14. As kids grow up and meditation deepens feelings of joy awaken within, and can be shared in daily living through caring actions, making meditation a win-win activity.

Yoga Pose benefits:

  1. As yoga poses are done with the right and left side of the body equally, right and left brain connections are reinforced.2. Concentration is developed by performing the correct sequence of movements in the poses, and by remembering what pose comes next.

    3. By moving the right or left side of the body following the verbal direction to do so, students learn which are their right and left sides, and moving to the right or left.

    4. Focusing the eyes is developed in poses that hold a gaze on a specific spot for a moment.

    5. Moving in rhythm with the group while doing even and regular breathing seems to have a calming effect on active or hyperactive children.

    6. Following the yoga poses, taking a few minutes for meditation is calming and centering.

    7. Learning even, regular breathing gives instant stress relief on a moment’s notice. The regular even breathing is a bridge that ties body to mind; when breathing is made regular it calms the physical body.

    8. Yoga is non-competitive; everyone progresses at their own rate.

    9. Yoga poses are an activity that can be done individually or in a group setting.

Bean and Vegetable Burger Recipe

This is a burger that is both delicious and nutritious, with a combination of beans, vegetables, and spices.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

– One clean medium potato chopped
– One medium onion chopped
– One large carrot chopped fine
– One 12 ounce, (350g) can of cannellini or other white bean
– One teaspoon curry powder
– One teaspoon powdered cumin, or one half teaspoon Old Bay Seafood Seasoning
– Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste

Method to prepare:

Cook potato chunks in water until soft and drain. Mash smooth.

Drain water from can of beans and mash smooth, and stir into mashed potato.

Sauté the onions and carrot pieces in a small amount of oil until soft. Mix into potato and bean mixture.

Sprinkle spices over mixture and mix in well with spoon. Mixture should become sticky and hold together as you mix.

Using clean hands, shape into 4 large or 6 smaller patties, flatten, and place on plate. Refrigerate at least one half hour to stiffen ingredients.

Fry in heated and oiled skillet until brown with a crispy crust. Turn carefully with spatula and fry on second side.

To serve, using spatula, slip onto a toasted hamburger bun or eat plain. I like to use ketchup as a condiment.

What I love about these bean burgers is the mealy texture and Indian flavor. I’ve also successfully used pinto beans with the same recipe.

Enjoy this easy tasty and filling meal!

How to Knot on Yarn Doll Wigs

Knotting the yarn wigs on dolls is a fun and creative task in doll making.

For the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls in the photo I use 2-foot lengths of yarn threaded through a large eye metal needle.
Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann sewn by Susan Kramer
Just use a single strand – not a double strand and no knot at the end.

Pattern: Beginning at the doll’s right jaw line I work up around the face line to the left jaw line. The next arc of stitches goes in a row one quarter inch behind the front row beginning at the doll’s left jaw line this time.

Continue sewing rows moving back over head and side to side. I make the hairline across the lower head even with the jaw line.

I work in a circle around the scalp, this shows the lowest row. I then add rows behind it to fill in the scalp.

Beginning with your long thread:
1. Take a stitch, pull it tight, leaving a 2 inch tail hanging.
2. Take the 2nd stitch and rather than pulling it tight, leave it as a 2 inch long loop.
3. Take a stitch and pull it tight. (Being careful not to pull so hard that the loop of the previous stitch is disturbed.)
4. Take a stitch and rather than pulling it tight, leave it as a 2 inch long loop.
5. Take a stitch and pull it tight. (Being careful not to pull so hard that the loop of the previous stitch is disturbed.)

Continue repeating the sequence of alternating one loose loop with one tight stitch.

Believe me, it holds up – my grandkids play with their dolls and their hair is still holding on tightly!

I like to use both acrylic and worsted wool. The dolls in the photo have acrylic wigs. Be sure your choice is washable, though! Enjoy your doll making projects!

The Differences between Trundle and Twin Mattresses

Have you ever get confused when you see a trundle mattress looking a lot like twin mattress and vice versa? Well, it happens to everyone as there are not much different between those two mattresses. Some trundle mattress or bed are also called as twin and some are known by the name truckle. However, we will give you some ways to differentiate these two types of mattresses in order for you not to get confused and will be able to choose wisely when buying these mattresses. You don’t want to go home with the wrong mattress right?

Firstly, the standard size of twin mattress is 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. On the other hand, the trundle mattress is slightly smaller or the same size. Most of the trundle mattress is used stored under the twin bed or mattress to be used when someone comes for a visit or sleep over. It is hidden under the bed and slightly smaller though the size differences are not much and may resulted in looking almost alike with twin mattress.

In other words, a trundle mattress is like two twin mattress in one, it is placed in smaller bed on casters that rolls out from the standard height bed. Though the size is slightly the same, trundle mattress is usually thinner and shorter. It is not really the perfect size for adult though it’s the best for kids. It is great use for sleepover and kids get together. Some of trundle mattress can be used as substitute mattress or to add up to the current mattress to give a higher look bed.

On the other hand, twin mattress is used for day bed or any bed that fit its size. It is thicker and more comfortable for adults as it has standard size that would fit them. Twin mattress is definitely everyone’s choices when it comes to buying for their every day’s bed because of the ideal size. In addition, twin mattress also comes with two options, which is the single and superior twin. Most of hotels use the twin superior as it is easy to move and flip.

Regardless of their looks and sizes, these two mattress surely different from each other and people must pay extra attention not to buy the different ones. The XL twin mattress is five inches longer than the trundle mattress. Furthermore, the trundle mattress is lacked of support because it is not as thick as normal mattress and not suitable for older people. The thickness is only around 8 to 10 inches. It is also usually placed in the lower part of the trundle bed hence resulting being close to the ground. Therefore, the trundle mattress is not the best choice for older people or adult but perfect for kids and toddler.

Both mattresses have their own pros and cons though not much differences can be spot from the appearance. Most of them also uses same kind of material despite the fact that people would choose trundle mattress made from memory foam because it doesn’t require a box spring. Therefore, choose wisely!

How to use your Hot Tub during Winter

During winter, you might find yourself in a dilemma of whether to close your hot tub or to keep it running. However, no matter your decision, the important thing is to take several measures to protect your hot tub from damages that may result due to the cold condition. These steps will go a long way in mitigating against costly repairs that may result from cold.

It is very enjoyable to use a hot tub during winter because it brings warmth at home. However, this comes with a cost because your tub takes longer to heat up during the cold season. This means higher energy bills. On the other hand, if you decide not to use your hot tub, you need to drain it off before it gets too cold. Damage can result due to freezing which is caused by draining your hot tub improperly. This is even more costly than letting your tub run during winter.

The right way to use your hot tub

If you make a decision to use your hot tub during winter, you need to do some preparations. The steps to follow are as follows,

  1. Change the water in the hot tub and clean it properly before it gets too cold. This ensures that your tub remains in the best working condition.
  2. Ensure that the cover of your hot tub is in good order because temperature losses usually occur at the water surface. Replace or repair the cover if it is not in good shape. This will save you a lot on your energy bills. You can even put a floating thermal blanket on your hot tub to reduce your energy costs.
  3. You should periodically check the water levels in the Winter months to avoid a situation where the water levels become too low. This situation can result in frozen water which can damage your hot tub.

Closing your hot tub

In case you decide to close your hot tub during the winter months, it is advisable not to heat or circulate water in your hot tub. Take time to drain and dry up the hot tub properly before it gets really cold. You can do this by flushing and draining your tub. This should be done after about 3 months. This is how you do it.

  1. Drain your tub’s air blower by shutting off your heater and running the blower for a few seconds to drain all the water from the system to dry it out.
  2. Pull out and clean the filters, dry them and put them in a safe place. Replace worn out filters.
  3. Loosen all plumbing fittings such as valves and drain out all the water in them.
  4. Blow out water from the jet system using a wet-dry vac
  5. Finally, make sure the inside of the tub is completely dry. Put on the cover and lock it

You will keep your hot tub in perfect shape during the winter months if you follow these simple steps.

Good looking and Ergonomic Office Chairs

Over the last 5-10 years workers and employers alike have begun to think more carefully about safety in the office.  Previously, when safety was considered the discussion would center around ladder safety and proper lifting practises in the office. In 2017 employers and their employees are beginning to look at safety in a different light.

Office furniture has entered a revolutionary stage.  Many offices are forgoing the cubicle for an outside of the box approach.  Ergonomic chairs are becoming a part of the mainstream office landscape and while previously one would have had to choose between style and comfort that is no longer the case.

First things first,  what is ergonomics and why should you care about it?  According to the Merriam Webster dictionary ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that people and things interact more efficiently and safely.  Essentially this practise is to help workers remain productive and comfortable while they are on the clock.

But what about style? Consumers no longer have to choose between style and comfort, they can have both.  Ergonomics has come a long way and is now embracing comfort and style.

So, what should you look for when you are looking for and ergonomic and stylish chair to add pizzaz to your office? Here’s a list of things to consider according to

  1. Seat height. You should be able to keep your feet flat on the floor and your arms should be even with the height of the desk.
  2. Seat depth and width. The chair you choose should comfortably fit all users and should not be to hard or stiff.
  3. Lumbar support. Since you will spend so much of your day in your new chair be certain there is lower back support and lumbar adjustment.  This will enable you to adjust the chair to your proper specifications.
  4. Wide backrest. The backrest should be 12” – 19” wide for optimal comfort.
  5. Seat material. The material you choose should be comfortable for extended periods. Padding to the seat will offer maximum comfort during the workday.
  6. These should be adjustable for use while typing.
  7. Your chair should be able to swivel slowly without strain to the user.

If you are looking for a new chair or would like to do some research here are some of the some places to check when looking for options.

Wayfair Canada has many great options and colors available.  They also offer free shipping with orders over $75.00! Check it out here —>

Amazon offers many options for all price points.  Starting at $64.00 and up there is sure to be an option for every budget. Check it out here —>

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Staple.  —> 






How to achieve a happy life

Many people inadvertently make themselves victims of unhappiness. They know deep within themselves that they are intelligent, successful and attractive, or whatever the criterion may be. Yet, the boss calls or sends a message that he’d like to see them, and immediately they think that they’ve done something wrong. One receives a letter in the mail, and immediately he or she thinks it’s bad news; or the phone rings while one’s spouse or child is out late at night, and once again he or she thinks the worst. One goes to the doctor for a regular checkup, and spends the next few days or weeks in angst awaiting the diagnosis.

In each of these cases, time and time again, the news was good, sometimes a very pleasant surprise, yet one keeps submitting to a type of paranoia. Whether this paranoid, negative feeling stems from a psychological experience in childhood or adolescence, it does no good for one’s self-esteem. The first step toward living a happy life is to feel self-worth. Happiness for each person is different. People know what makes them happy. They know how they feel when they are happy. Wealth may be happiness for some people, while for others it is not. There are many wealthy people who are not happy.

One should find ways to strengthen his or her self-image, and eradicate humiliating attitudes toward oneself. Joining social groups and talking with others is a good way to start. One will almost certainly find that he or she is not the only one who was thinking a certain way, or the only one who has had negative experiences. Everyone has been touched in one way or another with unhappy experiences. Do not look at others and think everything is fine for everyone except oneself.

Of course it does not change one’s experiences, but it does give some sort of comfort, assuring one that he or she is not alone in bearing that cross. The thing is that, if one wants to live, he or she has to take action. The knowledge that giving in to inertia and brooding in self-pity will only take one to lower depths of unhappiness and make it more difficult to rise from it, should definitely give one the strength to keep on keeping on.

If one’s job is ill-suited to him or her, or one feels enslaved by it, work on means to remedy the situation the minute it becomes possible. Where there is a will, there is always a way. If possible, find another line of work.

Leisure is a very important part of life. It is as important as work. Some people give all their lives to work. The old saying “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” still stands true. Always try to have enriching hobbies. These will compensate, especially if one is unhappy in his or her job. Everyone has gifts, and many times, when one uses God-given talents, he or she gains more satisfaction and success than doing a job which is a meaningless grind.

Do not live an entire life without discovering one’s gifts and making an attempt to use them. No one should allow himself or herself to be just a working machine. Enjoy leisure time by taking trips, for example. If one is unable to travel to far-off lands, take short inland trips; go dancing, join groups and engage in social activities like hiking, sailing, kayaking, painting, sports or a host of other activities. A good balance of work and leisure will certainly help one to reach self-fulfillment and whatever will give one what he or she considers to be happiness.