Month: January 2016

My first bike riding experience…

When I was a little kid, my uncle bought a little bike. Luckily, it was not one of Schwinn girls bikes. Actually,I had to nag him for a long time before he finally resigned to my demands and bought the bike. I was super excited to see the bike and so was my little brother. The bike came unassembled. So, we had to wait until it is assembled. When it became ready to ride, I got out of the house. My friends were waiting outside to see it. I never rode a bike before because there were no bikes in our village.

When I started learning how to ride it, I realized that it was not as difficult as I thought. I mastered it in no time. Everyone wanted to have a ride. I gave my friends short rides in the range of a 100 to 200 meters. But when I finally gave the bike to a close friend who was really fat, it broke down. I had to wait for weeks before it was repaired and ready to ride again. This time I required children to pay to get a ride. The more you pay for best single speed road bikes the longer the ride you get.

But some of them cheated me and rode further than I allowed them. I had to keep a friend waiting ahead of them to prevent them from going beyond their alloted ride. That was a very enjoyable experience. I cannot count how many falls I had because I was never satisfied with regular cycling. I performed stunts and used to ride very fast and swerve when stopping. I got many bruises but did not care much about that.

That was a long time ago. Now I have three bikes lying in the garage. They all need maintenance and fixing. It’s been over six months since I last rode a bicycle. I could not get around to fixing them or taking them to the bike shop. I cannot imaging the many things I am missing because o my laziness. The health benefits and the fun time are now gone. My little brothers are usually responsible for breaking the bikes. They ride them very fast, just like I did when I was a child.

They make no effort to avoid potholes in the road or bumpy areas and as a result the bike breaks down. The many thorns that we have lying on the ground are many times the cause of flat tires.

7 features to consider when buying a vacuum

Vacuum cleaners have developed greatly in the last few years. They include many features and settings that make vacuuming the house a lot easier and time-efficient. But not all vacuums are equal when it comes to which features and which are not. Each household could require a different set of features and settings. Before you buy your next vacuum cleaner, read through any handheld vacuum reviews you can find to learn more about some of the features that matter most in a vacuum.

Suction power. This is a critical element in any vacuum cleaner. Low suction power means some dirt will remain on the carpet or floor and it won’t get picked by the vacuum. Some debris and dirt such as pet hair prove challenging to some vacuums, especially the ones with low suction power. Take a look at this setting and read through the reviews left by other customers to see the true performance of the vacuum.

Attachments and accessories. Most vacuums come now with attachments and accessories for special cleaning needs. The crevice tool is usually there for easy cleaning of crevices. A roller brush is standard with many vacuums. Some even include attachments for cleaning drapes and curtains. All that matters is that the desired vacuum include the attachments and tools you consider necessary for effective cleaning of your house.

Cord length. Some vacuums, especially a handheld vacuum for pet hair, are cordless but they tend to take a lot of of time to fully recharge and their battery lifetime is not that long. This keeps corded vacuums as the best choice when it comes to heavy duty cleaning an vacuuming. But you want your corded vacuum to have a power cord that is long enough so that you do not have to change power outlets too often. A lengthy cord gives you a bigger reach.

Bagless vs bagged. Some vacuums are bagless while others include bags. Which type is better? It all depends on what you feel comfortable with. A bagless vac is not necessarily better than a bag-type one. It spares you the cost of replacement bags but you should keep in mind that bagless vacuums has more filters than bag-type ones. These filters require periodic cleaning. Some even need to be replacement. So the savings on bags may become negligible when you consider the long-term cost of the vacuum. The dirt cup must be taken out and cleaned whenever it gets filled as well.

Buying a meat injector

Meet injectors are one piece of equipment that are overlooked by many barbecue enthusiasts. These people don’t seem to realize how important it is to use one of these injectors. They probably do not appreciate or have never experienced the difference they make when it comes to flavorful at the mouth mocked a watering meat.

As an aspiring barbecued chef, you should always be looking for ways to upgrade your cooking skills and make better use of the tools you already have all the tools that are available to you. Cooking is not a matter of talent, it’s more a matter of different developing skills and practice. Using a meat injector to flavor and inject and marinate taste into your meat will give you an edge over other aspiring cooks.

To buy a meat injector, you can head to the local store or you can search online. They are selling for good prices on many online retailer stores. You can buy a meat injector by piece or as part of further more complete barbecue packages. If all you need is a marinating syringe, by just a marinating syringe there is no need to buy the full package.

Meet injectors are made of a number of different materials such as aluminum and plastic. Choose the one that appeals to you. Some of them even come with the recipe books to help you get started using the injector. That’s a nice bonus. Another thing to consider when making your purchase is the size of the meat injector. Some are bigger in size than others but you should get a size that’s right for your needs.

Essential equipment to start archery

To become an archer, there are a few things that you need to learn and some equipment that you need to buy. Many wannabe archers don’t seem to know what kind of equipment is essential and which is nice to have. Archery equipment abounds in stores today with many fancy and not so fancy stuff out there. So, the first thing it to do is by those things which you absolutely need to get started. The other archery accessories we have to wait until you have built some skill in archery.

The essentials

Below is some of the essential equipment that you need to have to become an archer. These items are essential regardless of the kind of archery you want to do and regardless of your competence as an archer.

The bow

You cannot do archery without a bow. So the first thing you’re going to buy is a bow but which bow to buy. You would be overwhelmed by the amount of choice that you have when you shop for bows this is why it is necessary to read the reviews that can find online and to check the feedback that’s left by other customers who have already bought the bow. There are some great guides online dedicated to the selection of those.

the bow stringer

Both stringers are essential to any archer. They provide you with a safe way to string your bows. They use a simple mechanism which employs your body ways to bend the bow and that’s the string on it. Whenever you want to put the string on a bow, use a bow stringer to do that. And


After buying a bow and a bow stringer, you need to have a bunch of arrows. Certainly need to buy more than one arrow as they usually sell in packs of six arrows or even more. If you happen to buy the arrows at the same time you buy the bow, you can ask the bow technician for advice on which arose work best with your bow. Alternatively, you will need to measure your door last to determine the right size arrows that you should buy. Search online for instructions on how to choose the right arrow.


This is another essential component but every archer need to have in his archery toolkit. We need something to aim at and that what you call the target. Some people choose to create their own targets using a piece of paper and drawing something on it but it’s an effective method. Other archers choose to buy circular bull’s-eye targets that you can find in local stores. Along with the target should buy a backstop to prevent arrows from going through the target and away.

Accessory archery equipment

Bow quiver

A bow quiver is not an essential archery item. But it is certainly nice to have as part of your toolkit. If the container that you can use to carry your arrows along. This can be worn around the waist or hung on the shoulder. There are also some quiver models that are designed to be attached to the bow. The quiver makes it easy for you to take a new arrow. You can grab quality bow quiver on Amazon at a good price.