Month: November 2016

Cycling Sport or Exercise

Cycling can be defined as a sport or an exercise which involves the use of bicycles particularly. It is a form of exercise where a person uses his legs to stimulate the body metabolism by peddling the wheels. A cycle or rather a bicycle is mechanical equipment which brings ones feet into motion. Cycling is one such activity which acts upon the entire body. It initially is applicable as a warming up activity. Further it also an easy and simple method of exercising for all age groups which is because it has very easy mechanism and also it has less risk factors. Hence cycling is recommended for all age groups.

Cycling is all in all a highly beneficial form of sport since it not only regulates body temperature, flow of the blood but also helps to reduce cholestrol levels on large scale, cardiovascular and joint related ailments. Further more cycling is also seen as a knee rehabilitating sport . those who suffer from ankle or knee problems. Nowadays there so much in the markets that one cannot hold to following a simple diet then there eating out trends in such conditions people tend to put on wait even, office goers, businessmen put on wait and in their busy hectic schedule they get less time to go gymming. In such situations they are find it very -very convenient to make of bicycle because it is an easy mode to burn those calories . It has been observed that even half an hour a day is equivalent to one hour of exercise at gym.

Worldover it is a known fact that there is an increasing rate physical inactivity amongst youngsters and adults as well these days. According to the studies conducted by the World Health Organization lack of physical activity is rated next to the tobacco consumption as worldwide as a heath related issue. It is also recommended by the W.H.O. itself that cycling can be used to overcome this problem since it is so easily accessible and it doesn’t even involve so much of risk factor and is good to achieve an appropriate fitness level for oneself.

In contrast to the past today cycling is amongst one of the most popular sports of the present day. There are numerous types of cycles available in the mrket nowadays even those which are uniformly fixed at one positions hel-ping all those housewives who are unable to make to on-road cycling

The trend of cycling can be traced to as early as 1400th was the creative mind of one man called GIOVANNI FONTANA who created the very first land vehicle though not proven further it was in 1890 after one in 1817 when the perfect and safe bicycle model came into being and was accepted for public use. Since then there has been no loking back and it has come all the way till now that cycling has taken to a new level where people exercise, race and do what not with bicycles which means even using them as a source or transport.