Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn Review

The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is as near commercial quality as one could possibly hope for. The biggest difference is the price does not reflect one of a commercial mower. It’s priced as a large residential zero turn.

As with most anything we shop for, there are always good reasons to buy as well as good reasons not to buy.  First let’s take a look at the positives.

Reasons you may want to consider the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn:

1. The large 60-inch deck is made of 10-gauge fabricated and welded steel. Just the fact that it’s 10-gauge makes it an incredibly strong deck.

2. The Twin ZT3100 Hydrostatic Trans axles make the Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn highly powerful. This riding mower will take on hills without even a sputter.

Another good reason for owning this particular ZTR is if you have a lawn business and don’t really have anything to get you up hills, this one will do it with no problem. This contains the added advantage of being able to take on more business without worrying about the terrain of the property you might be adding to the mix, that could prevent making the mistake of agreeing to take on a new account and then finding out you have to get another mower just to handle that particular piece of property.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is rabbit fast. It goes up to 8 miles per hours in forward speed and up to 4-miles per hour in reverse.

Then there is the fact that it has a capacity to hold 7-gallons of fuel . That is critical if you’re taking care of other people’s lawns. One of the last things you want to do is re-fuel all the time when you’re on the job. Time is money and re-fueling doesn’t make you a penny. Plus, there are 3 anti-scalp wheels which is crucial because the last thing you want to do, and it’s common in ZTs that are cutting on uneven terrain, is scalp yours or someone elses lawn. The anti-scalp wheels will ensure the deck floats over the terrain really nicely leaving a perfectly even, professional cut. If you all take that under consideration, then it’s wise to own the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn.

That is the good side of this big ZTR by Ariens. There is also a negative side. So let’s talk about the various disadvantages.

Drawbacks: Reasons Against the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn

1. You really need ample place to store this. The foot-print on this machine is large. It’s just over 75-inches wide.

Some people simply don’t have enough space available to house  the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch Zero Turn, so that could be the deal breaker. It might be a factor to avoid getting this particular ztr.

2. It won’t fit through a gate. If you are purchasing a riding mower for your own  personal use, you’ll probably have to install a second gate door. The standard gate size is normally around 38 Inches.

So, a double door gate would be 76 inches wide, but you’d have to have REALLY good aim to pull that off.

3. The Ariens Max Zoom 60-inch zero turn is only available to be purchased online.

One more justification in avoiding owning this riding mower is if you are the type who needs to try before you buy. But I can tell you that the Max Zoom is at least double the comfort of the Ariens Zoom ztrs and they are all extremely comfortable

And so that is that. There are the advantages and disadvantages of the Ariens Max Zoom 60-Inch zero turn, and now you know what they are. This may not be the ZTR that everyone wants or needs. But for the person looking for one of this size, this riding mower will not disappoint them in the least. At least with the information above, you can now look at the specifications and the customer reviews and make an informed decision.

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