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Best Bicycle Helmets

Cycling is a popular hobby that many people engage in for fun and as a way of exercising. It is a great way of keeping your body fit and healthy while still enjoying the ride. But like in any other activity, accidents happen. In the case of cycling, the accident usually results in minor injuries but depending on some factors such as the speed and the cycling track, severe damage can result.

To be on the safe side when things happen, you should always wear protective gear for cycling. These include knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet. The best bicycle helmet is one that provides good protection of the head while still looking good on you.

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Bell Volt Bike Helmet

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”351″ identifier=”B00FAJMSMY” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

This bike helmet is suitable for you whether you are a professional cyclist or a commuter. The lightweight design of the helmet makes it very convenient. It weighs only 1 pound. Whether you are shopping for bike helmets for adults or kids, you will find a Bell Volt helmet that matches your needs. They come in all sizes and more than 20 colors and designs.

This carefully designed cycling gear has an amazing ventilation system and fits perfectly well on the cyclist’s head. The extra padding inside makes it even more comfortable to wear.

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Specialized Echelon

The Echelon comes with a universally comfortable fit setup. In regular road helmets, the straps are adjusted using two sliders that are placed below the ears. The Echelon has a simpler adjustment system where you only need to adjust the strap under your chin. This helmet model is available in a plethora of colors that are suitable for both men and women. The Echelon bike helmet is certified by several safety committees including Snell B-90A, CPSC, and Consumer Reports.

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Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet by Schwinn

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”452″ identifier=”B00012M5MS” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

The Schwinn Thrasher is one of the best bike helmets for adults. It comes with a webbing strap that is easy to adjust at comfort. To prevent moisture and keep the helmet dry, the Thrasher features moisture winking. For flexibility, the helmet offers a Dual Fit system. As a protective measure against heat buildup, there are 21 vents. The snap-on visor, on the other hand, protects the eyes against strong sun rays.

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Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmets

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B0149IVKJ8″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

The  MPS EVO Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmet is a very comfortable helmet for cycling. It fits nicely on the head by conforming to its shape. It can be used any adult thanks to its adjustable chinstrap which can be used to get the perfect fit. Made of the finest and highest quality materials, this helmet is used by professionals and amateurs alike. It was worn by the gold medal winner in the 2008 edition of the Olympic Gold Medal races.

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Giro Savant

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00MX8Z0JI” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

The Giro Savant has a slick design that fits well on most heads. It also looks very attractive and cool. It looks slimmer on the head if you compare it to other models in the same price range. One issue that was reported about this helmet regards the strap yoke adjusters. When the straps were tightened for the appropriate fit, they dug into the faces of the cyclists. If fiddling with straps is not an issue for you, this helmet is a great value for the money.

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Adjustable Bike helmet by V-Share

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”363″ identifier=”B00KA61094″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”493″]

The V-Share bike helmet is one of the best-selling helmets on the market. With an easily adjustable webbing strap, this helmet can be a perfect fit for many bike riders. The Dial Fit adjustment system further enhances its fit on the head. The ten vents makes the helmet breathable and allow cool air to circulate around the head. The head-sealed cheek pads provide soft padding for the cheeks and handle sweating. Protection against sunrays is provided by the snap-on visor.

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Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B003YUMUR4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

This is one of the best bike mountain helmets. It weighs only 1 pound which makes it very lightweight. You may not even feel you are wearing a helmet. This helmet combines a stylish design with safety and comfort. The 20 vents cool the head and the adjustable visor shades the eyes. This product is available in 20 colors. Overall, this is one of the best bicycle helmets.

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Giro Sutton

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00MYGLFFM” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

The Giro Sutton is a traditionally designed helmet. This commuter helmet is a great option for many people. It comes with a great ventilation system. The built-in visor on the front allows air to pass through and into the channels running through the helmet. It feels very comfortable on the head.

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Indicator Sport Helmet by Giro

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”390″ identifier=”B008Z9H1VO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”500″]

The Giro Indicator Sport Helmet is a durable and robust helmet. The sturdy build of this product makes strong enough to support shocks and falls without chipping. The modern and stylish look of the helmet makes your cycling attire more attractive. The 20 vent holes offer optimum cooling for your head. The polycarbonate shell along with the impact-absorbing EPS liner add to the durability of this helmet. This is an incredibly lightweight helmet that weighs less than a pound.

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Uvex Urban Bicycle Helmet – C410107

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”400″ identifier=”B003IBD3ZW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”400″]

The Uvex Urban Bicycle Helmet is one of the best bike helmets for men. Despite its lightweight build, this helmet provides excellent protection for your head. To cool the head and allow air circulation, the Uvex helmet has 15 vent holes. In addition to the padded interior, the surface of the helmet feels soft. The pinch-less buckle is another notable feature of this product. You can buy this helmet in soft black or gray.

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Reverb Helmet by Giro

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”250″ identifier=”B00FOSIL2C” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”coolbikehelmets1-20″ width=”250″]

The Giro Reverb Helmet is another high quality product from Giro. The helmet’s shell is made of polycarbonate material which is sturdy and hard to chip. The surface of the helmet features 9 holes of ventilation. The interior part of the helmet includes a moisture-winking EPS liner. It is great for absorbing impacts. For perfect fitting of the helmet on the head, an Auto Loc system is included in the design. The removable visor shades the eyes from sun rays. The padded chinstraps are another great piece that make this helmet very comfortable.

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Not long ago, cycling helmets looked ugly and bulky. But in the last decade, manufacturers have put great care into making them cooler and more attractive. This resource was compiled to help you pick a helmet from a selection of the coolest bicycle helmets.

Best Adult Tricycles

There is a wide variety of adult tricycles on sale today. Riding a tricycle can be a fun experience for an adult. People from all age groups are attracted to tricycles. The term ‘trikes’ is sometimes used to refer to adult tricycles. These kinds of bikes are designed for slow and relaxed riding.

The three-wheeled bike is a great cycling option for older boomers and seniors. This is especially true if the person has difficulty maintaining their balance while riding. In this article, we review the best adult tricycle brands in 2015 and cover the pros and cons of each tricycle.

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Types of Tricycles

Many different types of tricycles are on sale today. They come in different designs and with various features. The price range also varies considerably from one type to another. To make it easier for you to determine which type to choose based on your needs and budget, here’s a quick rundown of the major adult tricycle categories.

Recumbent Tricycles

These trikes have a relaxed design. They have stretched-out frames that are close to the ground for easy mounting and dismounting. You can comfortably recline in them with your legs stretched to the front. Recumbent trikes come very handy when it comes to longer rides. They tend to be more expensive than upright trikes. The typical price range for them is $800 to $2500.

Electric Tricycles

An electric tricycle gives you the option of manual pedaling or using an electric motor. The hybrid nature of electric trikes allows you to choose pedaling when you feel like it such as when you want to exercise. Or you can just relax and let the thing move by itself.

Upright Tricycles

If you would like to ride a tricycle for leisure or as a way of exercising, an upright trike can be a great option. These traditional tricycles usually have a rear cargo basket and limited gear options, usually only one to three speeds.

Tandem Tricycles

If you intend to ride your tricycle along with a partner, you should consider purchasing a tandem trike. These trikes have two seats, one at the front and the other at the back. You can also find tandem tricycles that have two seats side by side. They typically sell for $1000 to $2000.

Folding Tricycles

A folding tricycle is great if you plan to take your tricycle along as you travel. The compact design of folding trikes makes them a good choice if you are short on storage space. When you are done riding, you simply fold up the tricycle and store it somewhere.

Top Tricycles for Adults

Single Speed Schwinn Meridian

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”344″ identifier=”B000IORU06″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

Made of lightweight aluminum, the single-speed Schwinn Meridian has a sturdy step-through frame. For swift and firm stopping, you can use the rear hand brake and the linear pull brake. The stainless steel alloy rim and spokes are rust-proof and can handle tough weather. The tough tires of the Meridian prevent slippery on smooth surfaces. The spring-fitted saddle reduces the pressure on your hip bones as you pedal. For extra comfort and to prevent backpain, the handlers are set in an upright position. The rear basket is great for keeping shopping items such as grocery or carrying around your favorite pet.

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Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B000Z89JFO” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

This adult folding tricycle from Wesport is a good choice for many trike riders whether they are experienced or new. The lightweight build of this tricycle makes it stand out. And you can easily fold it up and store it away when you are not using it. Made of steel, the main frame of the trike is strong and sturdy. The adjustable handlebars can be tweaked at will. For comfortable riding on long trips, the seat is cushioned and extra-wide. The cargo basket at the back can be very handy for keeping pets, picnic items, groceries, etc. Compared to other trikes, the 20 inch wheels of this model are smaller. This makes maneuvering around obstacles and corners a breeze. Overall, this Wesport trike offers great value for the money.

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Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”313″ identifier=”B001AYKISE” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

The Slate Blue Schwinn comes with a relatively low stand for easy stepping through. The comfy handlebars and full-wrap fenders make this Schwinn tricycle a great pick. This 24-in-wheel tricycle is designed to be smaller and more convenient for people who cannot ride the 26-in-wheel Schwinn trike. The seat is easy to adjust for optimum riding. The large rear basket is another awesome feature of this tricycle.

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Mantis Adult Tri-Rad Folding Trike

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”500″ identifier=”B00FXMIUPW” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

This three wheeler is recommended for any person who wants to have a leisurely ride around town. Weighing only 45 pounds, this folding trike is one of the lightest tricycles on this list. The foldable design along with the light weight of this trike makes it easy to store and carry. The quick release seat and handlebars are a snap to adjust. The alloy linear brakes guarantee safe stopping. The extra parking brake is there for extra safety and stability. The large basket at the back is great for transporting your stuff or pets.

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Schwinn Hampton Tricycle

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”291″ identifier=”B00AYCY398″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

The Schwinn Hampton is a comfortable and easy to ride tricycle. The low stand allows easy stepping through for the rider. It is a great option for people who are just beginning bike riding. For comfortable riding, this trike comes with full wrap fenders and swept back handlebars. The rear basket is there for transporting your goods and groceries.

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Worksman Port-o-Trike

[easyazon_image align=”none” height=”398″ identifier=”B003F1WMZC” locale=”US” src=”” tag=”trikepanther-20″ width=”500″]

This Port-o-Trike from Worksman Cycles is a good choice if you are looking for a single speed adult tricycle. The compact and innovative design of this trike makes great for cycling around. The low stand step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off the trike. The overall stability of the tricycle is further enhanced. The foldable frame allows for easy storage and greater portability. It can fit easily in most car racks.

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Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle

This 24-inch wheel adult tricycle features seat back support for a more comfortable and relaxed riding experience. The Shimano Revo 7 speed shifters on this trike can be adjusted to increase or decrease the difficulty of pedaling. For quick and safe stopping, the Kent Bayside trike comes with a drum brake at the back.

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Best Chronomite Tankless Water Heaters

Chronomite Tankless Water HeatersSince 1966, Chronomite Laboratories Inc. has been the innovative leader in providing solutions for commercial and industrial tankless water heater plumbing applications. Chronomite Laboratories provides environmentally safe solutions for industrial and commercial tankless water heaters. Chronomite even patented the first microprocessor controlled tankless water heater providing unlimited hot water simultaneously to many different locations all with only one heater. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, the tankless water heater meets the users’ demands for superior performance with accurate, preset output temperatures, while still being both efficient and cost effective. Consider products such as Chronomite Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Instant-Flow Heaters.

This company specializes in manufacturing small electric tankless water heaters to be installed at point-of-use for commercial applications. Because their tankless water heaters are installed at the point of use, located right next to a sink/basin/water faucet, they are able to deliver hot water in the fastest time possible without heating energy and water being wasted as they run through the pipes. Their point-of-use electric tankless water heaters are ultra-portable and work well under a surprisingly wide amount of applications where larger tankless units simply don’t fit.

Chronomite Water HeatersChronomite tankless water heater product review: It was the first to patent a microprocessor technology which allows for a factory preset or microprocessor controlled output temperature that delivers unlimited hot water without risk of scalding—in two seconds as opposed to the six seconds required by other tankless water heaters.

Hot water temperatures found in conventional water heater storage tanks and re-circ systems are known to promote growth of legionella. Chronomite does not require the storage of hot water in a tank, but rather, provides hot water only on demand. With certain models of tankless electric heaters, water is maintained at a consistent temperature that is anti-bacterial, encouraging safe hand-washing and reducing spread of viruses.

Chronomite is installed at point of use and is only operational when hot water is streaming through the plumbing, thus dramatically reducing hot water delivery time and inefficient use of electricity. Greater efficiency means less water and energy use, which is 99 percent energy efficient compared to conventional tank water heaters. The compact, easy-to install unit also provides endless solutions to projects with limited space and access. At only the size of a standard dictionary, Chronomite tankless water heaters are well hidden for aesthetic appeal, and easily placed within a specially designed compartment underneath Acorn hand washing systems and basins.

Chronomite also integrates energy and water conservation with cost savings and many features which contribute to a safer environment. With Chronomite, gas leaks are eliminated, and the flow through abrasive action of water creates a self-cleaning feature eliminating alkali and calcification buildup, reducing the risks of corrosion and flooding and reducing maintenance and operational costs.

What Are Ear Tubes?

Painful ear infections are a rite of passage for children – by the age of five, nearly every child has experienced at least one episode. Most ear infections either resolve on their own (viral) or are effectively treated by antibiotics (bacterial). But sometimes, ear infections and/or fluid in the middle ear may become a chronic problem leading to other issues such as hearing loss, behavior, and speech problems. In these cases, insertion of an ear tube by an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) may be considered.

Ear tubes are tiny cylinders placed through the ear drum (tympanic membrane) to allow air into the middle ear. They also may be called tympanostomy tubes, myringotomy tubes, ventilation tubes, or PE (pressure equalization) tubes. These tubes can be made out of plastic, metal, or Teflon and may have a coating intended to reduce the possibility of infection. As ears are so delicate and any damage could lead to having to wear a digital hearing aid, you need to use something as safe as this piece of equipment. There are two basic types of ear tubes: short-term and long-term. Short-term tubes are smaller and typically stay in place for six months to a year before falling out on their own. Long-term tubes are larger and have flanges that secure them in place for a longer period of time. Long term tubes may fall out on their own, but removal by an otolaryngologist is often necessary.

Who Needs Ear Tubes?

Ear tubes are often recommended when a person experiences repeated middle ear infection (acute otitis media) or has hearing loss caused by the persistent presence of middle ear fluid (otitis media with effusion). These conditions most commonly occur in children, but can also be present in teens and adults and can lead to speech and balance problems, hearing loss, or changes in the structure of the ear drum. Other less common conditions that may warrant the placement of ear tubes are malformation of the ear drum or Eustachian tube, Down Syndrome, cleft palate, and barotrauma (injury to the middle ear caused by a reduction of air pressure), usually seen with altitude changes such as flying and scuba diving.

Each year, more than half a million ear tube surgeries are performed on children, making it the most common childhood surgery performed with anesthesia. The average age of ear tube insertion is one to three years old. Inserting ear tubes may:

  • reduce the risk of future ear infection,
  • restore hearing loss caused by middle ear fluid,
  • improve speech problems and balance prob-lems, and
  • improve behavior and sleep problems caused by chronic ear infections.

How Are Ear Tubes Inserted?

Ear tubes are inserted through an outpatient surgical procedure called a myringotomy. A myringotomy refers to an incision (a hole) in the ear drum or tympanic membrane. This is most often done under a surgical microscope with a small scalpel (tiny knife), but it can also be accomplished with a laser. If an ear tube is not inserted, the hole would heal and close within a few days. To prevent this, an ear tube is placed in the hole to keep it open and allow air to reach the middle ear space (ventilation).

Ear Tube Surgery

A light general anesthetic (laughing gas) is administered for young children. Some older children and adults may be able to tolerate the procedure without anesthetic. A myringotomy is performed and the fluid behind the ear drum (in the middle ear space) is suctioned out. The ear tube is then placed in the hole. Ear drops may be administered after the ear tube is placed and may be necessary for a few days. The procedure usually lasts less than 15 minutes and patients awaken quickly. Sometimes the otolaryngologist will recommend removal of the adenoid tissue (lymph tissue located in the upper airway behind the nose) when ear tubes are placed. This is often considered when a repeat tube insertion is necessary. Current research indicates that removing adenoid tissue concurrent with placement of ear tubes can reduce the risk of recurrent ear infection and the need for repeat surgery.

What To Expect After Surgery

After surgery, the patient is monitored in the recovery room and will usually go home within an hour if no complications are present. Patients usually experience little or no postoperative pain but grogginess, irritability, and/or nausea from the anesthesia can occur temporarily. Hearing loss caused by the presence of middle ear fluid is immediately resolved by surgery. Sometimes children can hear so much better that they complain that normal sounds seem too loud. The otolaryngologist will provide specific postoperative instructions for each patient including when to seek immediate attention and follow-up appointments. He or she may also prescribe antibiotic ear drops for a few days.

To avoid the possibility of bacteria entering the middle ear through the ventilation tube, physicians may recommend keeping ears dry by using ear plugs or other water-tight devices during bathing, swimming, and water activities. However, recent research suggests that protecting the ear may not be necessary, except when diving or engaging in water activities in unclean water such as lakes and rivers. Parents should consult with the treating physician about ear protection after surgery.

Possible Complications

Myringotomy with insertion of ear tubes is an extremely common and safe procedure with minimal complications. When complications do occur, they may include:


– This can happen when a tube comes out or a long-term tube is removed and the hole in the tympanic membrane (ear drum) does not close. The hole can be patched through a minor surgical procedure called a tympanoplasty or myringoplasty.


– Any irritation of the ear drum (recurrent ear infections), including repeated in-sertion of ear tubes, can cause scarring called tympanosclerosis or myringosclerosis. In most cases, this causes no problems with hearing.


– Ear infections can still occur in the middle ear or around the ear tube. How-ever, these infections are usually less frequent, result in less hearing loss, and are easier to treat – often only with ear drops. Sometimes an oral antibiotic is still needed.

Ear Tubes Come Out Too Early Or Stay In Too Long

– If an ear tube expels from the ear drum too soon (which is unpredictable), fluid may return and repeat surgery may be needed. Ear tubes that remain too long may result in perforation or may require removal by the otolaryngologist.

Consultation with an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat surgeon) may be warranted if you or your child has experienced repeated or severe ear infections, ear infections that are not resolved with antibiotics, hearing loss due to fluid in the middle ear, barotrauma, or have an anatomic abnormality that inhibits drainage of the middle ear.

How To Tune Up Your Riding Mower

As soon as you fork over your money for a riding mower, the first thing that usually goes through your mind is, “Glad I don’t do this very often.” With that in mind, you’ll want to keep that mower in working condition for a long, long time. The only way to do that is to maintain it properly. Which isn’t hard to do, it just takes a little work and to keep your maintenance on schedule.

Just like you do an automobile, you’ll want to keep all the moving parts lubricated, change the air filter, replace the spark plugs. And that’s what we’re going to do today so get ready.

To Tune Up A Riding Mower, You’ll Need The Following
1. Drop cloth
2. Work gloves
3. A wrench to remove the battery cable
4. A cleaning brush
5. A spray lubricant
6. An air filter
7. A socket wrench
8. Spark plugs

Read the manufacturers instructions carefully. Make sure you have maximum ventilation in the area you’ll be working on and put the riding mower on a drop cloth.

Easily Tune Up A Riding Mower

1. Put on your gloves
2. Raise the hood
3. Brush off any loose debris with the cleaning brush
4. Disconnect the battery by removing the black cable first then remove the red cable.
5. Lubricate all the small moving parts with your manufacturers recommended lubricant.

Changing the Air Filter
1. If your air filter is paper, it will have to be replaced with a new filter
2. If your air filter has a pre-cleaner, it needs to be replaced every season as well.
3. Some pre-cleaner’s require a light coating of engine oil to filter out dust and debris.

Check your manufacturer’s instructions on the pre-cleaner care

Replacing The Spark Plugs
1. Using a socket wrench, replace the spark plugs. If you are unsure of where the spark plugs are, go to minute 1:54 on the video above.

Reconnect the Battery.
1. First connect the red (positive) cable
2. Then connect the black (negative) cable.

You’re done!

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

Are you a side sleeper looking for the best mattress for you? Then you’ve reached the right place. Here, through this article, we are going to discuss more in detail about the best mattress for side sleepers. Please go ahead and read this article and I’m sure that you’ll be able to decide which is the best mattress for side sleepers, particularly for you.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: General Awareness

Sleeping off on your side can bring pain to your shoulder, hip, hands and legs, Even though this could reduce pressure on your back. This makes your spine to align complete in accordance with your head. This is the usual posture maintained by your body. The pain obtained as a result of side sleeping is a serious issue. It could lead to permanent pain as well as giving muscular cramps. The body pain arises as a result of limited or no body support property of the mattress.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: Product Features

Some of the commonly preferred products, which are recommended by doctors around the globe, are that of the Sealy. The Sealy is the finest brand succeeded in this field. They provide the best mattress. The Sealy however eradicates the chances of getting body pain with the development of body supporters in every product they produce. The supporter spreads in the pressure applied on the body equally, that the user finds it to be sleeping on a cloud. It’s that smooth and soft. Although the Sealy products are quite expensive, than the rest of the mattresses available now in the market, you would never regret their use. This is because there isn’t literally any other branded company that produces the best mattress.

The Sealy mattresses aren’t too firm to invoke body pains for you. The Sealy includes the best professionals and analysts in developing the best mattress. A vast variety of mattresses are available now for you to choose from. The designs and patterns they developed are incomparable and marvelous. This could leave one confused which to buy. With the blend of style and technique, this company is the best in marketing the best mattress. The Sealy also provides mattresses with varying thickness also. Thus the mattress could range from firm top to the softer versions. You could choose the best that suits your body nature. For those who look for style, here’s good news for you. The mattresses are now available in different continental styles.

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers: Other Products

Consider the following designs for finding out the best mattress. The mattresses could range from the cheapest variety to the most expensive one. Features vary with the products. The mattress with pillow top feature rules the market. They make you think that you are sleeping on top of the softer material, you could even think of. The mattresses are available in different colors too. The upgraded and the new variety is the cooper colored mattress. This could add style and feature to your bedroom. If you are looking for the best mattress for side sleepers, that is not only good in feature but also in the looks, then you certainly need to log into their official website before deciding which you need. On their website, you can see a gallery of the best and newest colored mattresses. Pick up the one that really suits your bedroom. Since you are spending most of your time in the bedroom, you need to have the best out there.

Dirt Devil BD10045RED AccuCharge 15.6 Volt Hand Vac Review

This popular hand vac from Dirt Devil is available in a stylish red color that packs a powerful punch for it’s small size. The powerful machine uses 15.6 volts of power within a low-weight design – making certain that you can effortlessly pick up small messes around the home, in the office, or in your car.

Dirt Devil BD10045RED Hand Vacuum

AccuCharge is one of the new features that can be seen in the Dirt Devil hand vac. It utilizes a unique charging system that has the ability to charge the battery as fast as possible and lasts longer.

Customers that choose the Dirt Devil BD10045RED Hand Vac won’t have to discover the normal ‘suction-loss’ problem that most portable hand vacuums have. Dirt Devil is an extremely reputable and well-known brand that has been known to produce some of the highest quality designs in years.

Dirt Devil BD10045RED Hand Vacuum

A few of the features that the Dirt Devil BD10045RED Hand Vacuum has:

  • Unique charging system to create a longer battery life and the ability to charge twice as fast as other models using AccuCharge technology
  • Cordless ability for the optimal portability and ease to clean messes anywhere in the home
  • Crevice tool included to reach those tight spaces
  • 15.6 volts of suction power, ensure that suction remains strong throughout use
  • Stylish red design is a great option for those seeking a cordless vaccuum that combines both function and style
  • Affordable price tag makes it a great option for those seeking a hand vaccuum on a budget
  • Easily purchased online, the Dirt Devil vaccuum can be eligible for free shipping and lower prices through popular online marketplaces like Amazon.

Hand vacs are great vacuums for pet owners looking for a way to clean up those small messes without bring out the vaccuum cleaner.

Dirt Devil BD10045RED Hand Vacuum

This hand vaccuum enables homeowners to clean up messes in no time – so that all can be easily forgotten about! Whether trying to suck up crumbs from lunch or doing a quick spot clean on the carpet, Dirt Devil makes it simple and efficient for portable vacuuming.

Where to place tens unit pads

Using Your TENS Unit

TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The unit is used to stimulate nerves in the
skin. This can result in pain relief either by reducing the number of pain signals reaching the brain, or by
the production of the body’s own pain killing chemicals.

Side effects
control for channel 2
control for channel 1

The most common problem is a skin reaction to the electrodes. This is less likely to occur if the electrodes are not always put in exactly the same place. The skin should be checked regularly for any damage. Please take note of the instructions that are on the packet containing the electrodes.

Do not:
-use the unit while driving or operating machinery.
-place the electrodes on the front or sides of your neck.
-place the electrodes in your mouth or over your eyes.
-use the unit if you have a pacemaker
-use the unit if you have heart disease or problems with your circulation.
-use the unit on children, or during pregnancy, or if you have epilepsy, except with medical advice.

Setting up the TENS unit
The TENS device can give different types of stimulation. You need to find the settings that are most helpful to you. There are two main ways to set up the unit.

Method 1
• Set up the machine as shown in the picture with two electrodes plugged into channel 1. Place these two electrodes on either side of the painful area. If the area is large, channel 2 could also be used, with its electrodes also placed on either side of the painful area.
• Set the middle switch to N (normal).
• Set the pulse width (left white dial) to 200μs.
• Set the pulse rate (right white dial) to 100Hz.
• Use the control dial for the channel to turn the unit on. Turn up the strength of the stimulation as high as you can comfortably bear.
• You should use the unit for at least 30 minutes at a time, and begin by using it 3 – 4 times a day. You can build up to using the unit as often as you like, but have breaks and do not use it when sleeping at night.
• When you have finished using the unit, turn it off before removing the electrodes.

Pain relief will occur while you are using the unit.

You may try using the unit after swapping the positions of the red lead and the black lead, as this may improve the pain relieving effect.

Celestron C6-S GT XLT Telescope Review: Good or Bad?

My Celestron C6-S GT XLT Telescope Review

The Celestron C6-S GT XLT Advanced Series 6″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope is definitely the best gift I have purchased my father for Father’s Day. This telescope has many great features that gives the user the ability to discover the stars and not just look at them. It is even easy and convenient to transport.

Technical Details:

  • Optical Design: 150mm (6″) Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Focal Length: 1500mm f/10
  • Tripod: adjustable 2″ Steel Leg Tripod with Accessory Tray/Leg Brace
  • Object database: 40,000+
  • Communication port: RS-232 on hand control

The Celestron C6-S GT XLT Advanced Series 6″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope features an amazing 1500mm focus length for the best in viewing capabilities available in a personal telescope. With the Advanced GT computerized mount that comes with this model telescope, you get some of the best some of the best Tin software and hardware features available. This telescope features Celestron’s patented proven Nexstar computer control technology, giving the user access to a database that has over 40,000 objects to discover and learn about. With the RS-232 communication port that is featured on the hand controls you can control the Celestron C6-S GT XLT Advanced Series 6″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with the use of your own personal computer. When designing this amazing telescope, Celestron incorporated an auto guider port for astrophotography.

With the use of the two inch steel leg tripod that has an accessory tray and leg brace, you can set up your new Celestron C6-S GT XLT Advanced Series 6” Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope anywhere you want for the best viewing of the universe. The great software and hardware include on this model telescope is an excellent tool for children as well as adults. The features and applications included in this model telescope are perfect for everyone from the inquisitive beginner to the most advanced astronomer.

You don’t have to take our word for how great this product is.

Here is what Robert Peterson, a current user has to say about this telescope:

“ When considering to purchase this telescope, I was a little hesitant. It was delivered in three separate boxes and I had to put it together, which was easy to do. I begin exploring the various features and settings as soon as I had the telescope assembled. This telescope gives you the ability to reset the settings to the factory originals so you cannot mess anything up by exploring your new telescope. This model is designed to transport from one location to another if you want to travel around very easily.”

Benefits of the Hot Tub

Everybody realizes that the hot tub is hot, it’s in that spot in the name. Yet not everybody knows the incredible profits to a body while you use a couple of hours of your time in the spa.

At the point when the body ingests heat, a few unpretentious physiological methods happen. First and foremost, as the body heats up, blood stream is expanded. The hotness of the blood makes your veins to widen. Pulse is in this manner is decreased, regularly in as meager as the 20 minutes.

Furthermore, the high temp water additionally causes muscle unwinding as hotness from water is conveyed profound into the muscles. Regularly, the body makes to cool itself via convey hotness to a surface by means of your blood. Not at all like a hot tub, a spa can keep up a heated water temperature uncertainly. So when you are absorbing a hot tub, the blood does not recirculate at a lessened temperature. It has returned profound inside your body at a hotter temperature than some time recently, conveying remedial hotness where different medicines can’t.

Moreover, the focal sensory system’s affectability it quieted, as the body centers its consideration on the hotness pick up. This achieves transitory torment easing. This neurological influence could happen with any slow expand or diminishing in the temperature of the body, however, absorbing warm water beyond any doubt sounds more pleasant than the option.


Indeed the best among us have a great deal of the weight on the joints. Think on your feet and lower legs, they help very nearly the majority of the weight of the body, consistently, throughout the day. Different joints are always in movement, for instance. What’s more tragically, everybody either has encountered a back torment, or knows somebody who has.


Any individual who has utilized the hot tub before is acquainted with the unwinding influence of the planes themselves, and the conspicuous profits. Centered streams of the water along with the warmed air blended inside the stream can give a remedial back rub that you could control, contingent upon how delicate or exceptional you need it to feel.

The Spas are furnished with spouts of different sizes, weights, arrangements, and amounts, all intended to target specific parts of the body. Littler gatherings of planes will hit the pinpoint of the muscles around the neck. Numerous planes will concentrate on specific parts of the back. Bigger stream planes will really compass here and there your whole back. Little flies will turn around the wrists. Different planes will go for the calves, the feet, or the arms. Likewise a prepared masseuse, the planes of the hot tub can alleviate sore muscles whenever you require.

Health advantages

Owning and utilizing the hot tub could have an additionally enduring impact on your wellbeing. There are numerous studies that show the profits.


Absorbing a spa reenacts exercise. It builds the rate of heart, still it does not build circulatory strain. Actually, mull over members who lose in the hot tubs had a reduction in pulse, while members who practiced on bikes experienced in the increment in circulating strain. The standard utilization of hot tubs provides for you a percentage of the same medical advantages of activity yet with less stress.

Enhanced SLEEP

A few studies propose that absorbing heated water, before resigning to couch can facilitate the move into deeper rest.