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Advice for Dealing with Lifes Hardships

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"Advice for Dealing with Lifes Hardships"
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Here is some advice for dealing with life's hardships.

First of all, don't think that you are the only person in the world that is going through a very hard time. One of the deceptions in life that can really set us back is to think that we are the only ones that are going through difficult times. When I was in hospital recently with symptoms of extreme anxiety, the doctor came in to talk with me and said that he had just met four people that night that I came in with very similar problems that I was dealing with. Surprise, surprise ! I am not diminishing the fact that there are very real and overwhelming stressors out there that people are wading their way through.

Personally, I have gone through bankruptcy, losing my house, a child with mental illness, nephews with severe illnesses and a nephew that was paralyzed when playing rugby in another country. Please dont think that I have no basis from which to talk about hardships and dealing with them.

Here are a few personal experiences and observations that I have that I hope will help others. Take a long walk, think, meditate, and relax. Walking will help you relax. Find a friend or friends to talk to, meet with them, get courage and strength from them. Allow people to help you or comfort you or bring you things to help you - this is no time to be proud or independent, you were given friends for a reason.

Make an appointment to see your pastor or counselor or someone that you trust to talk to. Go to your social meetings when you can, I go to church where you can get strength from being with other people in your community.

Remember that life will get better - all these things will "come to pass". My nephew that was paralyzed has gone back to school and is close to getting his degree in counseling. I didn't consider that the awful thing that happened to him would become an awesome stepping stone for him.

Everything has a season, and you may be in a season that is particularly difficult, but it will cycle out, and you will see the sunshine again. The tough times are for a purpose, not only to toughen us up, but also to give us much needed wisdom for the future. I have learned more through the tough things that I ever learn when I am on the mountain top.

Hardships seem to come easy, but it can all be a sense of perspective sometimes. There are some things that you cannot change and there are some things that you can change with some creative thought.

Problems are things that sometimes just need solving. Marriages for example, run into tough patches, where you seem to argue more than usual, have issues that never seem to get resolved for instance. Try not to have fatal thinking it could be that you just need to get some counseling to learn tools to deal with the discrepances. We were never taught how to be married, and for those of us that were raised in a broken home were never able to look at a model of marriage for a starting place. There is an answer out there, but it is up to us to find the answer. Sometimes ignorance is costly. It is good to do some research about a particular matter and see if there is something that you can learn about yourself. Learn coping mechanisms that are right for you.

In the bible, it says that we should take what we learn and teach it to our friends and love ones and use the trials to comfort others. Consider that the things that you are going through right now or recently are for the ability to help others in your lifetime with the experiences that you have had and steer them in the right direction.


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