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Flowers come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Floral arrangements can be plain and unadorned or fancy with ribbons and adornments.

What kind of flowers would the sun signs Aries to Virgo appreciate receiving, and what should you consider when buying flowers for your lover?

Valentine's Day flowers for Aries

Aries will respond enthusiastically to strong colours such as red, scarlet and yellow. Aries has an active go-getting personality; a creative florist might suggest a theme arrangement centred on your Aries sweetheart's favourite hobbies and pastimes.

Include in the bouquet: Red roses and tulips, poppies, foxgloves, sundew, daisies

Valentine's Day flowers for Taurus

Taureans will respond well to blue, pink and green flowers. Being an earth sign, Taurus lovers will appreciate flower arrangements that have a "natural" look; something that brings the untamed feel of woods and nature into the home. A basket with a mix of flowering and green plants would delight the Taurus. Include in the bouquet: lily of the valley, sweet pea, lavender, lilac, aster, sweet Williams, all flowers with a strong fragrance

Valentine's Day flowers for Gemini

Ruled by Mercury, open communication is important to Gemini. Flowers without a card would feel like only half the message has been received. A thoughtful card included with the bouquet will help communicate the right sentiment. Geminis will respond well to yellow and white flowers.

Include in the bouquet: Daffodils, ferns, winter cherries, white carnations and roses, chrysanthemum, lavender

Valentine's Day flowers for Cancer

Cancerians will respond well to blue and green plants. Cancer is a romantic water sign and will appreciate arrangements that are expressive in what they're conveying. Cancer has a strong sense of tradition and will love it if you send them the same variety of flowers they received on the very first Valentine's day you spent together or when you first started dating.

Include in the bouquet: Passionflower, ferns, cornflower, hydrangea, iris, delphinium, cow parsley, morning glory

Valentine's Day flowers for Leo

Leos will respond well to yellow and orange flowers. They love dramatic romantic gestures and will most appreciate a bouquet or flower arrangement that is big, bold and has a certain "wow" factor. Include in the bouquet: Sunflowers, dahlia, lilies, marigold, dahlia, passion flower, larkspur

Valentine's Day flowers for Virgo

Virgos can be very choosy; consider what his or her favourite flowers might be and whether they have any colour preferences. They might like pale blue and white flowers. Virgo is an earth sign. Go for arrangements in rustic or down-to-earth containers that can be re-used over and over.

Plenty of green plants should be included in the bouquet. They won't particularly like anything too fancy and will prefer classic styles of flower arrangements. Include in the bouquet: Ivy, veronica, monkshood, asters, narcissus, chrysanthemum

Sending gifts of flowers on Valentine's Day

A gift of flowers on Valentine's Day or spontaneously given on any other day can be as expressive as a love letter or candlelit supper. Remember, too, that giving flowers is not something confined to gender stereoptypes. Many men enjoy receiving flowers, as women do!

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