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Assessing Dr Wayne w Dyer

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"Assessing Dr Wayne w Dyer"
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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." These words are the first to greet you when you first explore Dr. Wayne Dyer's website (, and it's little surprise that he has chosen such a sentiment. Dr. Dyer is a master of examining the individual self and the way we look at the world. He is also the master of reinvention, who seems to become a new guru with each book he writes.

No doubt, Dyer's most powerful performance came with "Wisdom of the Ages" (also presented as a television series on PBS after writing the book). In that book, Dyer examined the philosophies of some of the greatest thinkers in the world-from Artistotle to Buddha to Michelangelo to Emily Dickinson, and others-incorporating their wisdom into today's self-help strategy. Indeed, Dyer is the author of more than 30 self-help books, with the latest book focused on "Being in Balance." He has also recently penned a children's book, "Unstoppable Me."

I like to think of Dyer as the complementary twin to Dr. Phil (McGraw). Both focus on helping folks straighten their lives out, but where Dr. Phil is practical, tough, and "down home" in his philosphy, Dr. Wayne (Dyer) is more ethereal, poetic, and sentimental. Not only similar in appearance, Dr. Phil and Dr. Wayne each has also made a business of public speaking and writing books to help the "common person" improve his or her life, then taken to making public appearances on television to help sell those messages. Both are masters of self-help wisdom for the masses, and each has made a successful career from writing, speaking, and thinking about self after obtaining a PhD in the educational field.

Dr. Dyer is called the "father of motivation" by fans, and like many self-help gurus, has a compelling background story of overcoming the odds to become a successful "New York Times" best-selling author and speaker. "Making your dreams come true" is the motivation that powers many a self-help author, and Dr. Dyer is no exception to the rule.

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