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Banshee Sightings in Ireland

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"Banshee Sightings in Ireland"
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The legend of the Banshee has a history that dates back to 1380. This legend tells that the Banshee is a woman fairy that begins to wail as death nears for someone. The Banshee legend is quite popular in Ireland, and she is often believed to be a fairy or a spirit.

The Banshee is quite capable of warning a family about the death of a loved one. This fairy or spirit is often seen clothed in a dark-colored robe. When people see her they know that she come to warn of tragedy. Their sightings date back to 1014 AD. The Banshee still continues to forewarn people of death today.

When the Banshee is heard, she emits long screams that torture the living. When people hear her scream and cries, they know that death lurks near. The Banshee not only gives warning, but she can help escort the one that dies safely to the otherside. In Ireland, when the Banshee is seen, she comes in many different forms.

These forms can include a woman of different ages such as a very young girl, a middle-aged woman, or even an old hag with rooten teeth and sharp pointed nails. Her eyes are almost always red. Sometimes she is seen as a very beautiful woman. She has also been seen as a headless woman who carries a bowl of blood.

Many people believe that the Banshee is just folklore, but many believe she is real. She is not only known in Irish folklore, but also in American folklore. In Ireland, the Banshee is believed to be a spirit of an earlier generation. This spirit warns the family of impending doom for generations.

The Banshee is not always seen, but the call of her mourning is always heard. She has been known to appear even to kings in Ireland and courts. When the Irish see a Banshee, she is often dressed in a green, red, black or grey robe with a cloak. In many different regions of the world, different cultures have their own beliefs and stories of those who come to forewarn of death. These stories tell of owls, dogs, and other creatures or spirts that relay the message.

In Ireland, not only one Banshee may appear or be heard, but sometimes there are several. Children who see or hear them become afraid and often run to tell other children or adults.

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