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Being Saved or Unsaved

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"Being Saved or Unsaved"
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I can honestly say I that I know the difference from saved and unsaved. Being saved is something should only be accepted willing and that being the only way. You should come to God because you want to not because some preacher scared you into it.
Being saved is a good way to see all the evil that's in the world. You can see a change in your life plus the iniquities of everyone else. I'm not saying that you're a divine light of the world, your not different from the next person saved or unsaved. Some radical fanatics like to think that because we're saved that we're superior to all other intelligence and religions. We're not. However, from studying the Bible we can enlighten ourselves. Jesus meant us to teach people unto salvation, not shove it down their throat whether they liked it or not. Like all gifts that's given to us from God being saved is one of them and one of the greatest that we can have. Once you asked God into your life you become one of his children. No matter what you do He is there to hold your hand until our last breath on Earth.
Jesus Himself said that no man come unto the Father but through Me. This day, those words are etched in stone now and have held the test of time. Also, when you asked Jesus into your heart, you need to mean it. You'll know it if you meant it. You'll sense a coolness of relief come over you. You'll have more joyous outlook upon life. A man once told me that if you have a fear of death then your not saved. I don't know how much of his rings true, because everyone is afraid of dying, it's a natural cycle of life. I do, on the other hand, believe it to be true, we shouldn't be afraid for when we die we meet Jesus in Heaven. Well I've elaborated on that long enough, don't want this to be a lecture or sermon now.

Now being unsaved you don't know the impurities of the world, nor the power that Satan has upon it. I'll admit, that before I was saved I didn't care what the world had in it, just wanted everything in it. You don't know the difference from sinning and doing really right. Of course, everyone has a conscience, and like Jiminy cricket said in Pinocchio, let it be your guide, that's true to a certain extent. When unsaved things that you do become different when your under God's light, because the Holy Spirit has come into you. You see the deeper meaning of right and wrong. People sometimes think they can go to Heaven based on good deeds that they do. Their has been many of people that have died that did many great deeds and wasn't saved. My heart wrenches at the thought, because we won't be able to save everyone.

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