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"Benefits of Praying the Rosary"
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There are quite a few benefits to praying the Rosary daily. Praying the Rosary is a way to connect to Jesus through Mary and ultimately, connect to God and it's also a way to reconnect with ourselves. The time spent praying, meditating and thinking about our faith and how we can do better and asking for help from above, on being a better Catholic and a better person, is certainly time well-spent.

The Rosary prayers are made up of a series of ten Hail Marys, which are said five times.  In between the ten Hail Marys, we say three prayers: The Glory Be, A prayer to Jesus which the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima requested of us and the Our Father.  Each of these prayers is not to be tossed off lightly for it to be beneficial.  When we say these prayers, at the same time, we are contemplating on various aspects of the lives of Mary and Jesus called the the Mysteries.

We live in a busy time.  We rarely have quiet, peaceful moments. We have to schedule them.  One of the best things you can do for yourself, as a Catholic, is to take time, every day to pray on the Rosary.  Set aside a time to say the entire five decades at once or throughout your day, say a decade when  you have a few minutes.

One view of praying on the Rosary is that we are talking with God, Jesus and Mary, we're contemplating on their lives, as well as our own, and we are at times, requesting help for ourselves or others.  This is an all encompassing act. And while other prayers are wonderful, too, the Rosary has every aspect of prayer that one can ask for.

Once you've dedicated yourself to saying the Rosary every day, you'll probably be surprised at how all the meditations seep into your daily life.  Maybe on Tuesday, after praying on the Sorrowful Mysteries, you find yourself thinking about how you are sorry for a  particular sin you've committed.and  you really start thinking about how  you can avoided that sin again.  Or maybe on Saturday, after praying on the Joyful Mysteries you find yourself thinking of what you can do for the poverty stricken in your city.  It really will seep into your daily thoughts and life.

There is also the matter of the Fifteen Promises of the Rosary that came from Mary. Basically, these promises say that  she will highly honor those who pray the Rosary daily.   She revealed these promises to Saint Dominic who spent the rest of his life teaching people about the power of the Rosary. The Fifteen Promises of the Rosary where later revealed to Blessed Alan de la Roche by Saint Dominic.

While it's beautiful that Mary promises to take care of us because we pray with her, it's only a small part of why praying the Rosary is helpful to us. It should not be the driving force in your prayers.  The driving force should be about thinking of your faith, praying to become a better person, understanding how Jesus sacrificed his life for all of us and opening yourself up to God.

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