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Candle Spell for Money and Good Fortune

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"Candle Spell for Money and Good Fortune"
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Candle Spell for Money and Good Fortune

Materials needed;

Green candle ;( large enough for loading Herbs, and Small piece of Parchment)

Candle Holder

Mortal & Pastel

Herbs; I use a combination of 9; it is up to you how many you want to use, or what you have on hand., but they must have properties for Good Fortune, Money, ETC.

Herbs and their properties used for spell;

v     Star Anise, Orange Peel, Bay = Good Fortune and Justice

v     Basil, Clove, Nutmeg = Money

v     Dragon’s Blood Resin = Strength to Spell

v     Chamomile, Rosemary = Blessings

*Optional* Crystals & Gemstones;

 Quartz Crystal (Magnification of Energies) also amplifies other Stones Energies used together.

 Magnetic Hematite, Loadstone. (Attract to you)

Totem Images, Drawings or Statues of;

 Elephant = Good Fortune

Rabbit = Abundance

Toad = Prosperity, Messenger

Cat = Stealth

Carving instrument


Parchment Paper

Quill or Red Pen

Dove’s Blood Ink, or Dragon’s Blood Ink (or the Red Pen)

Anointing Oil; Money Drawing Oil, Pine Oil, or Olive Oil

Lighter / Matches


Gather all ingredients needed.

 Cleanse Sacred Space as you would normally

Ground & Center

 Cast Circle if you want, but not needed if that’s what you prefer

* I cast circle to contain my energies I build up making the candle*

* I also Invoke Elementals for their added Strength*

The Totems for your spell, either draw before hand or during spell, if need to draw.

Mix Herbs together one by one and as you add them, state the property of the herbs and concentrate on what their properties are needed for.

After adding all Herbs to the Mortal and grinding them together, hold your hands over the mortal in a triangle, looking down at the combined Herbs consecrate and empower them with your mind for what they are needed for. When done set the Herbs and Mortal aside.

Next get your Green Candle and your carving instrument and carve a hole on the bottom of the candles slowly and easily making a hole big enough (saving the wax) to insert a small piece of parchment paper and the Herbal mix in it.

Taking a piece of parchment and using the Dragon’s Blood or Dove’s Blood Ink even a red pen will do.

Write down Your Name, Birth date, and the amount of money needed, or you can write something like this or what you want. Grant me the money I need so badly may my wallet always be full and my bills always paid, “So it is done” So Mote It Be!

Fold the paper towards you (to receive) every way you turn it to get the paper as small as possible.

Stuff the paper in the hole of the bottom of the Green Candle, next take some of the Herbs you empowered and add them to the hole, making sure to leave enough herbs to roll the candle in.

Take the wax that you have dug out and fill the rest of the hole with it and put a match or lighter close to it to re melt the wax to seal the hole.

 Next take the oil and anoint the candle. Move from the top of the candle to middle all the way around, and then from the bottom of the candle to the middle all the way around (to bring to you, not to send away.)

Spreading the rest of the Herbs on a plate, roll the candle in the Herbs making sure to get as much on the candles as possible.

Set candle in the holder.

Kneel or sit in front of candle and hold the top of the candle holder as close as you can to the candle without getting the Oil and Herbs on your hand.

Envision the resources you need, and push your thoughts into the candle do it as long as you want until you feel insured that it is charged.

Next the Totems,

Place your Power Hand on the Cat first, saying: By the Stealth of the Cat my spell be swiftly delivered.

Next the Toad: By the Messenger Toad and the Cat, My wish of Prosperity will be brought to the Divine Power fast.

Next the Rabbit; By the Rabbit, delivery of Abundance will mind!

By the Elephant Good Fortune will be mine to keep!

“So Mote It Be”

Light The Candle and Say:

As I light this candle, May Good Fortune, Abundance, and Prosperity be mine!

No longer shall I have empty pockets Money will remain in them all the time!

My bills all paid, with enough to go play,

Never again shall I be broke in any way!

“With this Spell it is done!

So Mote it Be!

Let candle burn all the way out. When it gets to the spot loaded, the energies will burst forth sending all wishes where they need to be.

After the candle is out, take all of what’s left of the candle and herbs if any left, and bury it in your Garden or under a house plant, and walk away.

The Spell is Done!

When ever you go to water your plants imagine the Spell is in Full Bloom and continually growing with every watering.


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