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     What does the word "backbiting" mean to Christians?  Is this word used exclusively by Christians?  When one considers this word, "backbiting", it means pretty much what it sounds like:  "to bite one in the back".  The Webster's Dictionary defines the word "backbite" as:  "say spiteful things about someone absent".  The word "backbiter" in the Christian sense is probably termed a little bit broader than this definition.  Again, the word sounds pretty self explanatory of it's own accord.  Not only does the word mean to say spiteful things about someone absent, this word is also synonomous with the term "stab in the back"; to stab one in the back is to betray them or to sell them out.  These things sound pretty much the same as "backbiter".  Notice that both the word "backbiter" and the term "stab in the back"  have a common denominator- the word "back".  In other words, they mean that someone is betraying or wronging another person while their "back" is turned or when they are absent, as the dictionary definition claims. 

     Backbiting is a dirty means for a person to get their own way or to get someone that they dislike out of their way.  This is, usually, done behind the other persons back.  The word backbiting can refer to conspiriacy. These things are all things that are done in secret; this is what backbiting is.  If someone is referred to as a backbiter, this is not a complimentary statement about the persons charactor,  This person will tell any type of fabrication to get that promotion or to get in good with the "in" crowd.  The fact its that most people, Christian or otherwise, want nothing to do with someone who is a backbiter; it stands against anything that Chrisianity and God stand for.  It stands for greed, decet and personal gain; this is not God's way.  In addition, trust is an issue; no one can trust a backbiter.

     Christians need to remember that in order to behave in a manner that is pleasing to God and complimentary of ourselves follow the path of God, use Christ as your role model and take up other examples from reading your bible; backbiting is not the way.

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