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Christian games for teens don't have to boring and shouldn't be a turn off to non-Christians. "Christian" games are just good clean fun and should provide venues for youth to have fun, socialize, and build friendships. This means that "Christian" games can be as mundane as checkers or a ping pong tournament. Of course, morals and lessons can be drawn from games as well and it takes a good leader to recognize these moments and draw analogies to help teens grasp the game's deeper dimensions.

As games are oplayed year round, it is necessary to have a repertoire of both indoor and outdoor games. Egadideas , , and , are all excellent, ministry focused sites containing extensive databases of game ideas for every situation and purpose imaginable.

The following game is a favorite at the many Youth Groups and Camps I have attended and led. It can be played multiple times and besides being extremely fun and active, can help youth understand the persecution of the church in Ancient Rome and in today's world.


This game resembles a stealthy game of tag. It can be played indoors but requires a lot of space with free access to multiple rooms. For this reason, the game may be better suited to the outdoors.

In this game, participants take various roles:

Church Leader: He is holding an underground Church service and has to get the word out to other Christians and hold the meeting without being caught

Early Christians: They must find out where the church service is and attend it without being caught. They can also free people from jail one at a time.

Jailer: He/She must watch the captives and prevent their escape

Roman Guards: They will patrol the Roman Empire, throwing any Christian they encounter into jail and trying to discover the underground Church

Christian Roman Guard He/She cannot have their faith found, but must try to help the Christians and tell them where the secret church is meeting.

Roles are written on a piece of paper and given out to the group. The paper with "Church Leader" and "Christian Guard" should also include the meeting place for the church. If the game is played often, make sure you move the secret meeting place each time.

The leader sets up a jail and puts the jailer in charge and then releases the Roman Guards on the crowd of Christians. All of the Christians are scattered and some probably get taken to jail.

The rest of the game consists of evasion and intrigue as the Christians try to find the Underground Church, avoid detection and capture, and free people from jail.

Meanwhile, the church leader goes to the church and tries to tell a few other people about it so that they can help spread the word as to where the church is.

The Christian Roman Guard can also tell people where the church is, but if it is discovered that he is a Christian, then he must tell the location and is put in jail himself. He can also help to confuse the guards as to the churches true location.

One person at a time can be broken out of jail if a free person breaks into Jail and tags a prisoner before being tagged by the guard. If the Jailer or a Gaurd tags the person breaking in, he/she joins the others in jail; otherwise, he/she may escort one person out of jail.

The game ends when all or most of the Christians have found the underground Church or when the Romans find the church.

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