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For centuries, games have been played as a means of entertainment that is both fun and social. Teens, being possibly the most social of all classes of people, enjoy a variety of games. Almost any game can be a "Christian" game, as long as it is good, clean fun. Games draw in young people and can be used as an effective witnessing tool to minister to the youth around you.

There are many types of games and differing varieties of the games themselves. There is a game for every season, every personality, and every group size. Below are some suggestions for a few wholesome games that can be played by teens.

*Softball-The classic, all-American favorite has lost none of its appeal throughout the decades. This is an awesome game to opt for in spring or summer with a large group of teens. Just don't forget the hotdogs! Teens also are one of the hungriest groups I know of!

*Capture the Flag-Another group game that takes two separate teams, the goal of this game is to capture the flag located at the "base" of the other team and bring it back to your own team's base. One variation of this game includes a jail area where the players have to go for a predetermined amount of time if they are tagged by a member of the other team.

*Charades-A fun game and a great icebreaker, this game of acting can be played with the standard set of rules or with various themes, such as Bible stories.

*Trivia-This can be played with teams or with individuals and will get those brain cells jumping. This can be played as a board game or one in which score is kept on paper with a predetermined winning score. You can also make it Bible trivia if you are playing with a group of Christians.

*Turkey Bowling-Played with the same rules as traditional bowling, this variation is played by using a frozen turkey as the ball and full 2 liter sodas as the pins. Be sure and lay down a tarp as the sodas may explode, making it all the more fun!

*Water Balloon Wars-This game will take a bit of organization and a whole lot of preparation, but what better way to cool off and have fun in the heat of summer than a good old-fashioned water balloon blowout? The laughter and camaraderie gained will be well worth the labor.

*Polaroid Scavenger Hunts-Divide the group into two teams and give each a Polaroid camera. Make a list of everything from apple trees to roadkill. The teams must find as many items on the list as possible in a designated time limit, take pictures of them, and meet back to see who found the most. Throw in some fun stuff like a team member kissing a pig and the teens are sure to come back with smiles and stories!

Whenever a group of fun-loving, rambunctious teens get together with a good competitive game involved, memories are created and good times are enjoyed. Turn these times into opportunities to show them love and Christian kindness and you will be playing the "Christian" game.


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