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Church Rainbow Tea

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Having a church rainbow tea is usually something that is planned by women only for women. It is a gathering of the women of the church to celebrate the joys of being a Christian female leader in the home and church. The rainbow is used for decorating the church or "tea" room in colors than have specific meaning to the women.

Blues in every shade from Indigo to purple represent the colors of royalty or Christ who is considered the King and ruler of the Christian community. Purple is most often used for this purpose.

Red is used to represent the blood of Christ that was shed so that every human would have the opportunity to become a child of God and go to heaven. Before Christ was crucified it was believed that only the pure in heart would be able to go to heaven. Sacrifices had to made to God. The blood of Christ is also signified by the wine or grape juice that is drunk during communion.

Yellow represents new life and rebirth in the spring of life. It fills Christians with the hope of the resurrection and all that it promises. The brightness of the yellows, golds and oranges also represent hope for all mankind if they will only believe in Christ and become Christians.

Green is supposed to represent all living plants and animals and is the favorite color of God. I am not sure just how this conclusion was reached.

The rainbow was also used by God to remind humankind of his promise to never again cover the earth with a flood. It shone over Noah and his family after the great flood of the Bible. It represents God's special covenant with man.

Having a rainbow tea can be a special and very meaningful time for the women of the church. It shows them that they are an important and vital part of God's plan for all of us. Most women love the colors of the rainbow and nature so the tea should be prepared with a lot of color and care.

The rainbow tea is a relatively new idea but is growing in popularity everyday. I myself had not heard of it until recently. I find it a charming, sweet reminder of God's love and promises to us all. It reminds us that we all have the choice of eternal life in the hereafter if we so choose.

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