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Crystal Healing Crystals for Healthy Hair

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"Crystal Healing Crystals for Healthy Hair"
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Did you know that people have been wearing jewelry to help them have healthy hair for centuries? Crystal hair treatments have been accepted natural hair treatments for thousands of years. The gemstone hair treatments can be performed by wearing jewelry, rubbing the hair with gemstones, rinsing the hair with crystal elixirs, spraying the hair with crystal elixirs, massaging the scalp with gemstones and keeping gemstones under pillows.

Gemstones that are recommended for healthy hair include agate, aquamarine, chrysocolla, jade, larimar, magnetite, moonstone, opal, rutilated quartz and tourmaline. Rinse, massage or spritz your hair with elixirs of those gemstones or wear the gemstones in earrings. Keep the gemstones under your pillow for overnight hair beauty treatments.

Do you want a crystal hair beauty treatment? Gemstones that are recommended to improve the hair's appearance include aragonite, blue opal, chrysocolla, jade, larimar, magnetite, moonstone, opal, tourmaline, unakite and zincite. Give your hair more luster by massaging elixirs of those gemstones into your hair and scalp. You can also make your hair more lustrous by rinsing or spritzing your hair with elixirs of those gemstones. Carrying those gemstones or wearing them as jewelry can also improve your hair's appearance.

For treating hair loss the gemstones aragonite, blue opal, moonstone, sandstone and selenite are recommended. Rinse your hair with crystal remedies made with these stones. Wear blue opal earrings or place blue opal on your solar plexus. Keep aragonite, blue opal, moonstone, sandstone or selenite under your pillow. Other accepted crystal treatments are carrying the gemstones or wearing aragonite, blue opal, moonstone, sandstone or selenite jewelry.

Chalcopyrite is a gemstone that will stimulate hair growth. Massage your hair and scalp with chalcopyrite to encourage the growth of more hair. Rinse or spray your hair with a chalcopyrite elixir to help your hair continue to grow. Keep chalcopyrite under your pillow for a nightly hair growth treatment.

Gemstones can treat static electricity in your hair, too. Wear unakite earrings or massage your hair and scalp with a unakite gemstone to remove the static. Rinsing your hair with a unakite elixir can also alleviate this condition.

Gemstone elixirs are made by keeping clean gemstones in water in sunlight or moonlight for 12 or more hours. The gemstone elixirs are also called essences or remedies. Crystal waters are made by keeping a clean gemstone in water for 12 or more hours. These crystal remedies can be used to massage the hair and scalp or rinse the hair. The gemstone elixirs can also be drunk and added to teas or other drinks. They can also be scented with colognes or fragrant oils and sprayed on hair.

So now you can give your hair a treat with gemstones. Look for aquamarine, jade, moonstone, opal and tourmaline jewelry and wear it for your hair. An online search will also reveal many gemstone hair ornaments like headbands, clips and barrettes. Wearing the gemstone jewelry and the gemstones in your hair will improve the health and appearance of your hair.


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