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Are Leo's faithful sexual partners?

Leo's are well known leaders and love the spotlight, but how do they fare in sexual relationships?

Leo, the strong majestic Lion, the King of the Jungle, this is the Leo of astrology. A Leo is a strong leader, with an air of nobility that endears him to sexual partners, drawn in by his magnetic prowess, his warm, caring lovable nature, and his authoritative leadership, those that love a Leo, love their open temperament and their magnanimous air.

The Leo's dominant nature on the whole, is a force for good in humanity, their caring, kindly nature thrives on setbacks, and they refuse to be cowed by failure.

However, just like any other astrological sign, the traits that endear them to new partners, also can be taken to the extremes and when the Leo forges a negative outlook on life, his authoritarian and gregarious personality can lead to extreme arrogance and pride. Their self-importance can lead to jealous rages, and they will not hesitate to use cunning, lies and trickery to discredit their rivals; they can become self-centered, snobbish and intolerant, and this is the Leo ex-partners will speak of.

Even worse, is the Leo's unlimited sexual lust, and passion for luxury, a Leo is the type to indulge his desires, and left unrestrained his uncontrolled impulsiveness can lead him to many vices and much trouble. They thrive on attention from the opposite sex and will boast about their own prowess. This is the Leo that partner's fear will cheat, and the relationship could easily be consumed by jealousy on both sides; jealous by nature the Leo will not tolerate any flirtation in their partners, even Leo's that cheat will demand utter faithfulness on their partner's side.

But this flip side of the Leo, is not the usual side, it is unusual to find a Leo so undisciplined as to indulge all his desires, these characteristics are usually tempered by wisdom and understanding. Those Leo's afflicted with these also usually have intelligence enough to actively overcome them, in order to become a better person.

Their kind temperament usually stops them from cheating on their sexual partner, hindered by their sense of the just and the righteous, they are unlikely to engage in something so insensitive and cruel. However nor will they sugar-coat their words if they believe the relationship is over; and will not relinquish control easily if you choose to leave them, they will use their cunning intelligence to regain power.

During your sexual relationship with a Leo, you will become aware of their sense of fantasy; a Leo loves fun and will engage in wild inventive sex as well as moments of slow, meaningful passion. There is great heat in sex with a Leo, they are strong and masterful and like to be in control, they love compliments, but they need a partner who can keep up with their passion and needs, otherwise the risk of boredom for the Leo is high. Their choice of partner is paramount to how they behave.

Leo's and Aries: This is a fiery combination, with instant passion, but the Aries is unlikely to be willing to give the Leo the attention they desire so much, as both Aries and Leo are leaders, there will be many a power struggle. This could lead a Leo to become unfaithful, looking for attention elsewhere.

Leo's and Taurus: A Taurus can't help but fall for a Leo, his strength, his charisma, his warmth and generosity, and admiration. However the Leo's regal attitude may become too much for Taurus and battles could ensue. To create harmony, they must keep the fire alive in the bedroom, this will prevent the Leo from turning elsewhere for affection.

Leo's and Gemini: This is a match made in heaven, but the Gemini may feel overshadowed by the Leo's spotlight, the Leo is smart enough to step back and allow the Gemini to take the stage once in a while. Both Leo and Gemini are adaptable, and will change for the other's mood, and can forgive and forget arguments, making this match a good one.

Leo and Cancer: Cancer's are very sensitive to Leo's changes in mood, and despite being attracted to their ardour, can begin to doubt Leo's honesty, their appetites vary considerably, and the Leo, unless willing to change for their Cancer, could end up looking elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

Leo and Leo: Leo's strong, powerful personalities clash, and in a relationship, both will vie for control. They will likely spend a lot of time in bed together satisfying their needs, This is either a life of love, or a life of arguments.

Leo and Virgo: Leo's are not usually attracted to the Virgo, the Virgo's critical outlook could upset the Leo, and the Leo's extravagant lifestyle will annoy them. Tolerance is important if this relationship is to work.

Leo and Libra: Libra will not appreciate Leo's desire to argue, and petty arguments could ensure. Libra's desire to flirt will be met with unbridled jealousy from the Leo which could be dangerous, and cause many arguments. It is not always a good match,

Leo and Scorpio: Scorpios like to know all about their partner, but do not open up themselves, this causes rivalry, however since Scorpio's have a high sex drive, this can make up for other problems.

Leo and Sagittarius: As long as the Leo does not try to tame the Sagittarius' outgoing nature, and is prepared to forgive any sexual indiscretions on Sagittarius' part, this match could work well.

Leo and Capricorn: These personalities are worlds apart, the serious sensible Capricorn and the fun loving Leo, both sides would have to adapt to make this work

Leo and Aquarius: Leo's will not understand the aloof nature of the Aquarius, and unsatisfied the both the Leo and Aquarius look elsewhere for affection,

Leo and Pisces: Leo's like to know where they stand, and the Pisces is unstable and emotional, the Leo could end up hurt here, the Pisces must control their moods to make it work.

Different signs relate to Leo's in different waysm and the Leo could be faithful with one sign and not with another, a psychic will be able to tell you how you will relate to a Leo as a sexual partner, and help you in finding love with them, so consult a psychic and get a full psychic reading to find out your future with your Leo.

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