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Eliminating a Ghost or Poltergeist

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"Eliminating a Ghost or Poltergeist"
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Having saved for years and then searched to find your dream home, there it is! How excited you are to move in and make this your home. Before long, however, unexplainable things begin to occur: Items go missing and return a month or so later; noises sounding like somebody breathing heavily, eerily come from the hallway or the commotion of children playing upstairs in the bedrooms, but when you investigate, they are sound asleep, or your make a house renovation and the plumbing mysteriously gets turned off in the basement after the a laborers have gone away.

At first you believe your mind is playing tricks on you, and then you think you are going crazy, until a visitor makes similar observations. The reality hits - you are not alone with your family in the house, a spirit has either taken up residence or refused to leave. "What can we do? We don't have the money to pick up and move somewhere else," you say to your spouse.

First, you should "exhaust all logical means of explaining mysterious events in the house before jumping to conclusions," suggested Life Hackery. Determine who could have turned off the plumbing in the basement, moved and replaced the missing item(s) and what or who could have caused the noises upstairs and in the hallway. When nothing adds up and you are absolutely convinced there is a ghost or poltergeist keeping you company, it may be time to consult with a specialist in the field. 

By this point, you have determined whether your uninvited guest is amicable or vicious. If the latter, you would have experienced such kinds of happenings as windows being locked so you cannot open them, broken furniture, scribblings on walls and floors and other malicious acts. Generally, one is evidence of a ghost while the other is that of a poltergeist. "Some theories also say that a ghost is a living soul and a poltergeist is a manifestation of negative energy left by some gruesome death. It has also been said that ghosts are passive souls of the dead and poltergeists are aggressive souls of the departed." Ghosts can be seen; poltergeists cannot. The quoted "Difference Between Net" explains that a ghost can be exorcised while it takes greater knowledge concerning the poltergeist to determine how to eradicate the negative energy causing it, by a poltergeist specialist. 

This is not an every-day request, but you can check online or in your local telephone directory for a medium, contact the Roman Catholic Diocese for a priest who works with spirits or communicate with The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research, Inc., a non-profit group. These individuals have studied such spiritually mysterious occurrences. They may be able to provide you with some direction and contacts.

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