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More and more articles are seen on the web and in print touting the use of aromatherapy and rightly so. It is an alternative method that aids and abets other forms of healing.

Quality medicinal oils are always stored in dark amber or cobalt blue glass bottles. Lesser quality may be stored in clear glass bottles. Never in plastic!

For long term storage always choose the dark glass bottles as the oils will deteriorate in the light. For perfume purposes the clear glass may be fine enough, however it will not store for a long time. Therefore, this oil must be used in a few months time. Properly stored oils will last for two years or sometimes more.

Light causes polymerizing to occur. This is better said that light causes the size of molecules to enlarge then they are unable to penetrate the body and do their jobs. This will also cause them to lose their fragrance; hence oil stored in clear perfume bottles must be used up quickly.

In scripture, essential oils and perfumes were stored in alabaster jars and sealed with a heavy wax so as to keep it as airtight as possible. Therefore, make sure the cap is on tight. When air reaches the oil oxidation occurs. This changes the nature of the oil and will cause a lessening of healing and perfume qualities. Also, a loose lid will cause the more volatile components of oil to escape, therefore once again, lessening the quality and usefulness of the oil.

Regardless of the bottle color, storage should be in a cool dark place. This can be very difficult in warmer climates. Do not store on or near an outside wall where there are dramatic temperature changes. Do not store in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Heat and humidity will do it no favors. If you have an air conditioned room store it in a cabinet or drawer on an inside wall.

If you see oils for sale in your local health food store packaged in clear bottles it would be best to by pass them. Perhaps one could even gently educate the manager in charge. After all, they have the same health interest as you do.

With the above information given, it is suggested that you purchase your oil from a reputable dealer. One that you can trust to sell properly stored oils. It’s called more bang for your buck and this day and age we could all use that.

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