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Facts Surrounding the Amityville Horror House

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"Facts Surrounding the Amityville Horror House"
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Do you believe in ghosts and the supernatural? Or just a good story inspired by real people? The little facts we have about 112 Ocean Avenue, better known as the "Amityville Horror House," may just be a good story, because only the Lutz's know what happened during their 28-day stay in the home back in 1975.

The only concrete facts relating to the house are documented in court records, newspaper clippings, and police records dealing with the Defeo murders that happened in 1974. Ron Defeo, Jr. used a high powered rifle to kill his mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters. He claimed to hear voices and even stated that a darkened figure handed him the weapon on the night of the murders.

Considering the Lutz's knew about the murders and were home shopping in that area we tend to wonder if there is a different take on this ghostly story. Did the Lutz's try to cash in with the media promising to keep their mouths shut? And did they become upset when they realized the story became a cult classic in our society? Not to play devil's advocate here, at the 2005 press junket for the remake of the 1979 film no one involved with the movie wanted to address the topic of George Lutz.

It is obvious throughout several articles that Lutz was unhappy with the movie's portrayal of him and his family claiming defamation of character. In a 2005 interview with Alan Orange, Lutz states the movie "did a disservice not only to his name, but also as a person and his family." In fact, Lutz was in litigation with MGM after he inquired about the intent behind remaking of the film. Directors and writers invent scary scenes to add shock value to keep an audience entertained, but he felt the real names helped promote that it was a true story. During the interview Lutz states what is fact and fiction concerning the movie.

The Facts:
1) They moved into a home where they knew murders had occurred.
2) Their names are accurate and the Lutz's were recently married.
3) There was a boathouse and George owned a boat.
4) They had a dog named Harry.
5) Kathy Lutz had three children.
6) They had a telephone.

The Fiction:
1) George never became possessed in the home.
2) George never was obsessed with chopping firewood.
3) The daughter, Missy, never went on the roof of the house.
4) Their stepfather did not abuse the children.
5) The children's natural father was not dead.

We may never know the absolute truth behind the Lutz's and Amityville. The current owners of the house claim to have never experienced any supernatural encounters. It cannot be because they changed the address of the home. Or can it?

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