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Fight the Good Fight of Faith

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"Fight the Good Fight of Faith"
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Many Christians do not really know how to fight the good fight of faith and understanding that faith is a real fight is another concept for them to behold. Many Christians do not even realize that being a true child of God’s is a constant battle.

There are many teachings we, as Chrsitians, hear from the bible and there are many scriptures we study and memorize, however, it is not until we get a true revelation of the Word of God in and for our own life that God's Word begin to affect us personally. The revelations we get into the Word of God is to help us, Christians, to gain wisdom and understanding of how it is to effect our personal life situations and circumstances. (We are not left as orphans.)

Recently, we, as a family, have been faced with some hard circumstances and situations. As I was praying over the family and the situations that were presenting themselves, one of the things that stood out the most to me was, “Cannot give up. Must fight the good fight of faith.”

Then it began to come clear to me what “fight the good fight of faith” really meant. The good fight of faith is to love, believe and obey God with all our heart, soul, mind and body. When we do this, then God becomes our main focus and the reference point of our lives.

As for the fight itself; the good fight of faith; it is to believe that the Word of God works even if we cannot see it working. The good fight of faith is to believe and stand our ground on the Word of God against all odds, no matter how dark, vile or hopeless the situations or circumstances may seem.

We fight the good fight of faith by standing on the Word of God. Faith is complete belief and trust in God that He will watch over His word to have His word do and perform that which He has set His Word out to do. Faith knows that the Word of God will not return to Him void. We must believe this. We must trust this. While the above statement is probably easier said than done for most people, God still expects us, as His children, to stand in faith, trust and believe till the end.

This is why it is important for us to read, study and meditate on the Word of God. We are expected to rightly divide the Word of God according to scripture, for complete understanding, so that we can draw on the wisdom that God has placed in His word; so that by revelation, we will know how the Word of God is to effect our personal life's circumstances and situations.

Therefore, for those of you, who feel powerless and hopeless, this is what fighting the good fight of faith is all about. Fighting the good fight of faith means doing something. Those standing on the ground of the Word of God will find hope because God is watching over His own Word. Studying the Word of God to rightly divide and understand it gives us the power to stand so that when the time comes we are not powerless, but, so that we can stand bold because the Word of God lives in us.

In order to fight the good fight of faith, we, as Christian believers, must believe with all our heart, mind, soul, spirit and body that the Word of God will and does work; to fight the good fight of faith is to maintain, stabilize, and to, finally stand our ground in God and with the Word of God in our hearts.

Therefore, when you have done all that you can; then stand and fight the good fight of faith.

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