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How to Accept Aging Sickness and the Possibility of Death

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"How to Accept Aging Sickness and the Possibility of Death"
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The title of this article contains the phrase 'the possibilty of death', however there is no such thing as the 'possibility' of death; death is a certainty.

In truth, one of the only things we can safely say IS a certainty in life is that it will inevitably come to an end. This is an inescapable fact of our human existence. And in itself should cause no great distress; we live, we die. This is the way it is now and the way it has always been. The problems arise when we run from these blinding truths and try to shield ourselves from the clarity they can offer.

In the western world we fail to accept aging as an integral part of human nature; our shops and TV's are inundated with countless ointments, creams and potions all designed to 'reduce the aging process'. Again, this is a misconception of the human mind, as the aging process cannot be 'reduced'. An illusion of youth can be maintained by careful grooming and chemical manipulation, but the fact that the human body ages is as inevitable as the fact that it requires oxygen or that it needs sustenance to survive. To strive for 'eternal' youth in these ways (through artificial means) is to deny ourselves our true place in this world. We are not immortal beings, and yet we go about our lives as if we were indestructible. Not consciously thinking or believing that we will live forever, but likewise, not grasping/embracing the true mortality of our existence.

Death comes as a shock because we have removed it as an everyday consideration from our human psyche. People fear death. They cling to their lives with such desperation that even after untold centuries of human life on this planet it remains one of the few taboos and most primal of fears among our society. People fear the unknown and they fear change. Death boasts both of these qualities. The only way to overcome such a primal fear is to confront it, to try to understand it and ultimately to own it as a part of oneself. Death is merely another facet of life. If we are to accept the gift of life so gladly and with such ease, we must humbly accept it in its entirety. This acceptance must include all aspects of human life; health, joy, illness, pleasure, youth, old age, love, grief, beauty and death.

'How to accept aging, sickness and the possibility of death'? All that we need do to accept aging, sickness and death is to accept that we are human.

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