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How to become a Spiritual Warrior

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Spiritual warfare is not to be taken lightly. Most spiritual warriors never had the intention of going into warfare or becoming spiritual warriors. They have been called of God, to do a certain battle or to become warriors by vocation. It is every Christian's duty to take some form of spiritual battle, but the more involved ones are given by the Spirit of Christ. If you want to become a warrior as a matter of pride, it is probably the wrong reason. Rather it is absolutely the wrong reason.

Most of our spiritual battles are personal. Apostle Paul, the greatest theologian of all time spends a lot of time and energy dealing with his flesh. The bible says that the spirit and physical are constantly against each other. The spirit wants to be closer to God but the body and mind want to do their own things. For most Christians that is enough of a lifelong battle.

You need direction from God
I know a guy who was called of God to do spiritual battle. His neighbor had been dying for some time but was now deteriorating quickly. The neighbor kept hearing "go visit him" for days in the recesses of his mind. It was a thought he did not want to think or hear. He would always put it out of his mind by distracting himself with other things, other thoughts. Yet the thought was insistent and persistent.

Eventually he went and as he walked in the sick man in bed put covers over his head. It was the first sign of a hard battle. The warrior came and sat beside the bed and began to greet the man hidden under his bed sheets. The sick man replied the neighbor should leave rather than have his personal secrets revealed.

You need the blood of Christ
To do Christian spiritual battle, you need to be saved by the blood of Christ. You need to be born again or born of the spirit. The bible tells of a sect members trying to take on a possessed man, only to get physically beaten and down trodden.

In the spiritual battle, the blood of Christ is foundation of all things. It divides the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. You also need the name of Christ. The Spirit of God is invested in the name of Christ. You also need oil. You need to apply oil to yourself. Christian use all manner of oil, even though Olive Oil as prescribed in the Old Testament is often used. The Spirit of God is represented by oil.

You need the Armour of God
The Epistles to the Ephesians speaks of the armour of God. You need the sword of scripture, so memorize scriptures that pertain to the power of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Also memorize scriptures that pertain to warfare.

You need courage
Doing spiritual battle means going against the realm of darkness. It can get very creepy. The warrior at the opening of this article told of how members of his family, his prayer group, his community often went sideways on him. There were days when he felt he had no friends and that no one on his side. Demon spirits often try to derail the fight. Demons will influence anybody and attack the mind of the warriors. The mind is often the greatest battlefield of the spirits.

You need wisdom
I knew a guy who was never educated. He was called of God to spiritual warfare. He has many battles, even going from village to village. He was always very tactfully and careful. These traits are very important in the life of a warrior. You cannot get careless. You also need to be blessed with wisdom.

One of the most potent weapons of the enemy is to get you to act against the word of God. It can render you powerless and you have to deal with the issue before God before you can resume the battle. God requires his servants to be absolutely pure before him and the enemy will do anything to make you imperfect before God.

You need Support of your peers
You will need a praying partner, someone of dedication and spiritual dedication. In a spiritual battle, things will inevitable happen, circumstance that will tied up praying people. It is always part of the battle. You need the support of a bible believing church. They will fortify you like a strong castle. Be aware that attacks from within can happen. Such attacks are usually subtle and often sound spiritual. Be lead by the Spirit of God and only the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God speaks scriptures.

You need some manuals
Rick Joyner is a pastor and a Christian writer. His book, The Final Quest, is an important and insightful book. Dr. Rebecca Brown is a Christian doctor and is a proven spiritual warrior. She has had very hard battles and her book Prepare For War is also filled with wisdom and clear instruction. She has written other spiritual warfare books, but that book remains the required textbook. Both authors are controversial and have been attacked viciously in the church, through the media, and the Internet. Such attacks are common and part of doing spiritual warfare.

Most Christian warriors are hesitant to do spiritual warfare. It can be very hard and a very costly thing. Make sure that God is calling you to do any particular battle.

Most Christians do battle that is mostly about them or close family. That is in itself a good thing. Always be careful. When God calls you to a battle take courage and be a good and obedient servant. The battle of good and evil never stops and you have to do your bit.

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