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How to Determine if you are Clairvoyant

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"How to Determine if you are Clairvoyant"
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The word 'clairvoyant' conjures images of a silk-swathed woman preeing into a crystal ball or scrutinising your palm. But clairvoyants come in all forms. They are simply ordinary people who happen to have an extraordinary ability. Clairvoyant literally means 'far seeing' and refers to the ability to know things that you ought to have no way of knowing. If you're wondering if this could be you, there are a number of ways to tell.

1. Sleep on it. Sometimes dreams can be more than just the brain's way of tidying up after a long day; they can predict the future. Try keeping a dream diary and review it regularly to see if any of your dreams are later reflected in your waking life. Sometimes it can be something happening exactly as you dreamed it, or elements from the dream can be jumbled, or the dream can be symbolic and in need of interpretation. Look for a pattern of such occurrences.

2. Coincidences and lucky guesses. The phone rings, and your first guess as to who's calling turns out to be correct. You think of someone you haven't seen in years and later that day you hear something from or about them. Repeated instances of events like this can indicate that some part of your brain knows what is going to occur. Pay attention to the random thoughts you have throughout the day. Not only will this help you to remember things, you might start noticing a pattern of precognition.

3. Unfounded feelings. You have a sudden, irrational conviction that something is wrong with a friend or relative and later discover that something bad did happen . . . right around the time you had your feeling. On being introduced to someone, your first thought or impression is completely baseless yet turns out to be absolutely correct. Or you're in a crowded place and begin to feel sad or angry for no reason - you may be picking the emotion up from someone nearby. Listen to your instinct regerding other people; if you are clairvoyant, might be surprised by what you learn

4. Waking visions. I don't just mean the 'I see dead people' variety, although this can be a feature of clairvoyant ability. It also includes glimpses of people and events associated with a particular location or object. In the case of an object this is known as psychometry; under the right circumstances, information about an item's past can be 'read' off it. If you want to experiment with this, ask a friend to give you something whose history they know but you don't and see what they think of your impressions.

5. Psychic tests. If you really want to know whether you have some clairvoyant ability, there are simple tests you can take. A well-known example is the Zener cards; 25 cards printed with an image of a cross, a circle, a square, a triangle, or a series of wavy lines. Shuffle the cards face-down and try to guess what each card's image is as it comes off the deck. Consistently scoring more than 5 correct - the number you would expect by chance - indicates some kind of psychic ability. A similar test can be done with ordinary playing cards, guessing the suits; in this case, you would expect to get one quarter right by chance alone. Repeatedly scoring higher shows that you may be psychic. The trouble with such tests is that clairvoyancy often comes in flashes, and can't be produced on call. This is why predicting the lottery numbers is highly unlikely! (Sorry.)

The good news is that if you have such abilitites, even in small amounts, with practice they can be strengthened.

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