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How to Grow in a Spiritual way in your Day to Day Life

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"How to Grow in a Spiritual way in your Day to Day Life"
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How to grow in a spiritual way in your day to day life

Did you ever consider starting each day off with meditation, prayer, reading scriptures, songs, hymns, psalms, praise and worship? If you want to grow spiritually in your day to day life, start incorporating some of these aspects.

1. Begin each day in a positive manner, no matter the circumstance. Give thanks and praise to God for what he has already done even though you might not see the results, have not received rewards, or things might not even look better. Praise him for the faith to believe that it will happen. Be thankful that you can breathe, open your eyes, hear, walk, talk, get yourself dressed, make it through a difficult day, and hurdle over all of your obstacles. As a result, you should feel yourself growing closer to God and gaining an intimate relationship with him.

2. Each day make an attempt to live a spiritual life. You will need God's guidance so that you can grow in love, mercy, forgiveness, and goodness and feel his comforting presence in every aspect of your life. Believe that all things will work well for you according to God's plan and purpose.

3. Seek a quiet place to be with God in prayer, worship, and adoration so that you can feel his great love for you.

4. Have a one-on-one, personal relationship with God to help gain strength and courage to face whatever comes your way each day. In Psalm 29:11, we read that David gained strength and peace from the Lord. Be still and listen to the voice of God as he speaks with words of comfort, wisdom, and love. Get to know God as your truest friend and comforter which should help you to gain a positive outlook on your daily spiritual life.

5. Don't "sweat" the small stuff. Learn not to whine and whimper over things you can't control. Get rid of fear and doubt and replace them with strength and confidence and you should rise above all of the unpleasant circumstances in your life

6. Have a Christ-like personality. Uplift and encourage someone that might be depressed, ill, suffering, or suicidal. God sees everything and his compassion is unending. We are blessed by God when we bless others. Imagine how tall you will grow spiritually in one day if you just help or save one person.

7. Bless the Lord at all times by constantly speaking his praises (Psalm 34:1); it should help us with our daily spiritual growth. In this way we will delight the Lord so that he will give us the desires of our heart. (Psalm 37:4)

8. A daily spiritual life should help us to strengthen our faith, practice what we have read and heard, ease our worried minds, trust in God, be patient with our anxious heart, and remove from our souls a great deal of strain and stress.

9. Daily communion with God should provide a place of peace, hope, and best of all his presence to see us through each day. How wonderful is that to have a heart full of hope and peace all the day long?

10. God's love should guide and sustain us no matter what happens to us daily. Our hearts should overflow with warmth and tenderness because we have a Christ-like love in it.

Some of our days will be good and some not so good. When the pressures of life weigh us down, if we can just keep our wisdom and patience, lean on the Lord, be open and receptive to his voice, let him lead and guide our every deed and thought, encourage ourselves and others, in a short time we will have grown from infant to adult in our day to day spiritual lives.

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