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How to use a Ouija Board

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From it's beginnings as a divination tool in ancient China to it's tremendous popularity during the American Spiritualists Movement in the mid 1800's, the Ouija Board has been asked to perform miracles, locate missing treasures and communicate with the other side.

The first Ouija boards were used primarily to spell out messages during the sances, which were all the rage during the Spiritualists Movement, and a great source of entertainment during the Victorian era in Britain. Some of these early Spirit Boards were nothing more than a pendulum suspended over a dinner plate, which had letters surrounding it, the pendulum would be swung back and forth and the letters written down-a message from beyond that usually it made no sense whatsoever.

The modern Ouija Board as we know it today was the invention of two gentlemen, Elijah Bond and Charles Kennard in the late 1800, capitalizing on the the Spiritualists Movement. One gentleman who worked for Kennard named William Fuld was the production leader who in the 1900's began to manufacture his own Ouija boards. Fuld's estate eventually sold his business to a toy company called Parker Brothers in 1966.

Going about using the Ouija Board can be done a couple different ways, in a circle of four or more, with the Ouija board in the center of the table, or with two people sitting facing each other with the board resting on their knees. The Plancette is placed in the center of the board with the pointed end above the numbers 5 and 6, but just below the letters T and U. Once the plancette is positioned, gently and lightly place the fingers on it, and move the plancette around the board in slow, easy circles. This will give the Spirit the opportunity to catch up with you. You will know when the it's with you if you lightly lift all but one of your fingers off the plancette.

Questions to the Spirits should be asked politely and directly in a clear and clam voice. Having one person designated as the Asker is a good idea as is having someone taking notes. A tape recorder present and running is also a great idea as this can fill in the gaps your Notetaker missed and will pick up answers the Spirit may have made vocally that your ear missed. This is known as an EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon. When asking your questions, concentrate on the subject being asked.

Do not shout to the Spirits, laugh or chew gum when asking your questions. Smoking is also not recommended, as is the presence of alcohol. If you become silly and giddy, the Spirits will see this as lack of respect and may let you know in no uncertain ed terms your behavior is not welcomed. The Asker should have a positive attitude and be receptive to any response that may be forthcoming. Another good idea for the Notetaker is writing down the names off all who are present, the date and time and weather conditions outside. Writing down the questions to be asked beforehand will eliminate any lapse between questions-if you take too long in between, the Spirits may think you are finished and depart.

Once you begin your attempt at communication and one of your circle becomes ill, lightheaded, faint or nauseous stop immediately and ask the Spirit to please leave you alone. Spirits will draw off anything or anyone with an energy to try and manifest themselves, as as humans are all energy, it will drain you and make you feel ill. It is also recommended that you do not attempt to make contact using the Ouija Board if you are ill, such as with a cold, the flu or a headache.

If the Ouija Board is used intently to conjure malevolent spirits or any of the deamons, be forewarned that you may be given exactly what you have asked for. It is said that there are 133,316,666 deamons within 666 legions, with 6666 deamons in each legion and 66 rulers. You are no match to compete with this. Do not command any spirit to come forth and do not use the names of the spirits or any of the deamons, even the fictitious ones, you will be inviting in entities into your circle or your home and may see fit to stay. Do not ever attempt to use the Ouija solitary, or alone.

Please do not ever leave the plancette unattended on the board. A Spirit may take it upon itself to conjure or invite in other Spirits. Also please do not take the plancette off the Ouija Board when it is in use or if a question has just been asked, the Spirit will remain trapped in the realm you placed it in.

When you are ready to close your communication session with the Spirits always thank them and politely ask they return to where they came. Return the plancette to the center of the Ouija Board and place it on the words Good-Bye.

To store your Ouija Board, wipe it and the plancette of with the dry washcloth and place it in it's box until your next session. Do not leave the board on a table with a cover over it, and remember never to leave the plancette on an unattended board. If you do not, the Spirits may take it as an invitation to stay.
In all, enjoy yourself, be responsible and respectful, but do not treat the Ouija Board as a toy.

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