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If Jesus were Born Today

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"If Jesus were Born Today"
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Jesus was born over two millenniums ago, His time as a mortal was short but earth-shaking. But what if Jesus had been born now? How would He treat the world and how would the world treat Him? If Jesus was born today, in 2008, there wouldn't be much to say about His actions, he would simply be a newborn. So let us fast forward to 2030, when Jesus would be roughly 22 years old.

Every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and television camera have been following this so called "Jesus Christ" for His entire life. Who is this man? Is He a prophet, a cult leader, or the savior of mankind? These questions have been studied since his birth, February 15, 2008. Wars have already been fought, families divided, churches created, and churches destroyed over this young man.

Half of the world's population claiming to be Christians deny this man is really the son of God. His existence is merely a footnote amongst many Christians throughout the world. There are, however, millions of people who believe He is the Almighty. There are roughly a dozen men that follow Him throughout the world preaching the word of God. These men are spit on in some places and warmly welcomed in others. One of them was executed by a mob of protesters several months ago for simply following this Jesus character. Who exactly is this Jesus guy and what is He up to in 2030?

In 2015, when Jesus was just a boy, He performed His first supposed "miracle". The gymnasium at His elementary school caught fire and trapped several young students inside. Against His teachers will Jesus walked straight into the blazing inferno and rescued all of the kids. This event made headlines in every major publication in the world. Some called it a miracle, some called it black magic, and some refuse to acknowledge the event. Since that time, Jesus has performed other great wonders throughout the world. But the people who have met Jesus, don't see him as a magician, but as a man.

Jesus currently works as a handy-man for hire in Los Angeles. He is a great worker with a variety of skills. He builds porches, lays flooring, paints, and basically can do anything you need around the house. On the weekends, Jesus travels. Jesus doesn't preach in front of large crowds often. For this reason alone, many churches deny His credibility. He doesn't demand attention from the media and from people, that is inconsequential. He doesn't announce where He is going, He just goes. People often call Him a hippie and a freak, and He is banned in many places. But He is bombarded in all places. The media asks Jesus basically the same questions every day of His life. "Who are you Jesus? Who are you!?" He never gets defensive and always replies, "I am." He is never shaken or stirred by the constant harassment.

What is interesting is that many of society's outcasts have embraced this Jesus more than the church. Jesus seems to be around these "outcasts" the most. Many professing Christians are outraged by this. The paparazzi often takes pictures of Jesus standing outside of bars talking to the patrons as they leave, helping them to their cars, etc. Jesus' response to this? "I love them, like I do you." Some of the more famous pictures of Jesus surfaced after He was seen with some infamous Hollywood stars. These particular stars are well-known for their run-ins with the law, intoxication, depression, and drug use. "They need me, and they always welcome me.", says Jesus. Interestingly enough, a few of these particular celebrities have made great strides in their personal lives since meeting Jesus. "Maybe Jesus is just a good therapist!", joked a late night talk show host.

Death threats have followed Jesus and His followers everywhere they have gone. There were numerous death threats recently in New York City, which is one of the more prominent places Jesus has been banned. Last week, there was a group of underground followers in New York that requested Jesus' presence. They simply want Jesus to walk the streets with them in the city, claiming that there are thousands of people that need to meet their "Messiah". The ban and the death threats have been the focus of media attention in the last few days. This morning, a reporter asked Jesus, "It is widely known that you have been completely banned from New York City, so what do you say to this group of followers who have requested a visit?" Without hesitation, Jesus responded, "Tell them I'm coming."

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