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Libra Luck and what is Lucky for Librans

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"Libra Luck and what is Lucky for Librans"
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Librans are true romantics, and it is dreams such as "sailing away in the sunset" or sunning yourself on tropical beaches, beneath brilliant blue skies to the distant sound of a steel-drum band that spur you on.

Librans do believe in luck. There's something deep down inside you, that tells you that you were made for better things. And since someone has to win the jackpot, why can't it be you? Such faith and optimism will surely win you the day, proving to you and everyone around you that dreams really do come true. Libra and Luck You will also do well in partnerships and might find teaming up with different people throughout your life brings you luck. You will start to realise the friends who are most lucky for you.

Librans, Luck and Competitions ~

Your mind is artistic and creative. Use your talents in a positive fashion by entering competitions demanding certain skills. Interior design or costume design, poetry, flower arranging and such. Don't always rely on chance. Often you can make your own luck through using your innate abilities in positive ways. But don't spend too long wondering about your efforts, especially in competitions that have involved a lot of hard work on your part. For this "shall I post it off, or shall I try again" kind of dithering could lose you the big prize. Just take a deep breath Libra, and send it on its way.

Lucky Prizes for Librans ~

Now which prizes are the ones to go for? Librans love romance so anything of a nature that appeals to this side of your personality is lucky. Perfumes, pretty clothing, flowers, jewellery, make-up, ornaments and furniture are also prizes that could be lucky for you.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Friday is the best day to fill in your forms and post off your entries. Six is your lucky number and lucky colours for you are pinks, pale greens and all pastel shades. Competitions with the places Canada, Japan, Copenhagen, Vienna, Austria, Argentina, Johannesburg or Lisbon in either the answers or the prizes are fortunate.

Lucky Stones and Amulets for Librans ~

Your lucky stones Libra, are sapphire and jade, while your lucky metals are copper and bronze. Again, look for competitions involving these. Generally speaking, lucky months for Librans are February, October and December.

Music excites your senses. Play a favourite piece as you do your research and fill in your answers and see what it does for you. Experiment too and you might discover that a very special musical composition helps provide extra inspiration and extra luck.

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