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Scorpios are the sexiest sign in the Zodiac. Unfortunately, they're also the most complicated. The female Scorpio must find love with their minds and hearts.

Scorpio women are inherently alluring because of their many complex layers. They tend to keep a lover guessing. This can be used to an advantage in a relationship by the Scorpio woman, but only if she is aware of her own tendencies to shield herself behind complex emotional walls. If she keeps her lover guessing too much, he or she may get tired of the games and drop her for a sure thing.

The secret of catching and keeping a lover for a Scorpio woman is to keep a good balance between reliability and mystery. How is this done? By Scorpio mixing her instincts with her prodigious strategic abilities.

Love Within

Scorpio women are characteristically suspicious and are very good at holding grudges. They are very witty but often can turn that wit into a verbal weapon. But Scorpio women also tend to be completely unforgiving with themselves. A Scorpio woman must accept that she is worthy of her fair share of the good things in life.

For Scorpios, it can be hard to look at long-term planning if she is depressed, anxious or ill. Many Scorpio women are self-sacrificing and put the welfare of others before themselves. They may reason, for example, that spending money on going to the doctor could be better spent elsewhere.

Scorpios can suffer from chronic health problems such as depression or urinary tract infections. But these are treatable conditions. In order to eventually find romance, she must first become reasonably healthy and comfortable within her own skin. A confident Scorpio is a very sexy Scorpio.

Because Scorpios can think of thousands of reasons why they don't like themselves, it's good to get outside input from professionals such as a counsellor, a doctor or a psychic. For Scorpio women, it's much easier to open up to a stranger than to a friend or family member. Scorpio women often worry that if they are completely honest with a loved one that loved one will not love them anymore. But calling a psychic, for example, does not carry such emotional risks.

Watching The Signs - Short Term

Scorpio women have the power to attract any other Zodiac sign as well as other Scorpios. But some signs tend to have short relationships with Scorpios, while other signs are comfortable going for the long haul.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, any long-term relationship with the Fire signs Aries or Sagittarius will be fraught with constant clashes. Remember - fire can be put out by water. It happens in the elements and it happens in relationships.

Scorpios can have successful relationships with the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn but they will have to be the one in the relationship that does most of the work. Earth signs tend to be practical people and will soon get very annoyed with mysterious Scorpio. They may also not have shared interests, besides sex. Scorpio women who are committed to a partner of an Earth sign should be prepared to be ignored for long stretches of time. This may suit some Scorpio women who have to constantly travel.

Air signs (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) are perhaps the most heartbreaking for a Scorpio woman. Scorpio falls in love with the intelligence and compassion of the Air sign. But it can be hard to be just one of the Air sign's many admirers. Air signs often do not find Scorpio women as marriage partners, but will enjoy flirting with them or indulging in a one-night stand.

Watching the Signs - Long Term

Scorpio women are water signs and for long relationships best get along with other water signs, although trying to get along with another Scorpio can be dangerous but exciting. The best bets for Scorpio women who want a committed relationship are Cancer and Pisces.

Cancer has a tough exterior but sentimental interior. Cancer has a deep set need to worship. This suits Scorpio perfectly because Scorpio has a need to be worshipped. Cancer can be very set in his or her ways, so Scorpio needs to be aware that she will not be able to change Cancer unless Cancer wants to change and asks Scorpio for help.

Pisces is a scatterbrained but highly creative sign, which makes for a lot of fun and loyalty to Scorpio. They compliment each other well because they have similar interests, if Scorpio can put up with Pisces lackadaisical attitude to the practical things of life. Pisces are intelligent, but Scorpios are wise.

The next best sign for Scorpio would be a Leo, especially if she is looking for a friend and confidant rather than a lover. Although a Fire sign, Leo's fire burns from the benevolent Sun and not combative Mars (Ares) or gas giant Jupiter (Sagittarius). Leos often want a lot of attention, but are willing to share the spotlight with their friends. Once a Scorpio wins a Leo over, Leo remains a faithful, dog-like companion.

Instinctive Romance

Scorpio women do tend to have strong psychic tendencies - but generally these are about other people and not about their own futures. Scorpio women are extremely good at knowing how a person is feeling just by glancing at a person's face or picking up on the tension in the air.

Scorpio women are talented in thinking anything to death. Scorpios are aware of an infinite realm of possibilities. This can make a letter, phone call or facial expression of a lover be read in so many different ways that it can exhaust a Scorpio and make her irritated with the lover - even when the lover hasn't done anything wrong.

This is another reason why a Scorpio woman should consult a psychic when she has found and wants to keep a lover. A psychic is not only aware of the tendencies of Zodiac signs, but also can help keep the Scorpio from working herself up to find the bad in even the most loyal lover.

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