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Numerology the Significance of the Number 22

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"Numerology the Significance of the Number 22"
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Numerology: The significance of the number 22

Numerology is a system of divination that straddles the new age world in that it is used by people who practice a pagan religion, a lodge based magical system, spiritualist or even just an everyday person who likes to learn about new age topics.  Like any decent system it’s easy to learn but can take several years to master which makes it perfect for beginner or advanced adept alike.

The number 22 is significant in itself in that it has several interesting properties.  There are 22 chapters to revelation in the bible, 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 paths between sephiroth in the cabbala. The tarot pack which is believed to be based in some part on the cabbala has 22 cards in its major arcana.  In fact the more you look at the number 22 the more you can find interesting facts about it.   

There are several different numerological systems around, but they all agree with the number 22 being significant.   Normally in numerology systems you will keep adding up any numbers you have until you end up with just one that stands as your personal number.  However if you have the number 22 left this is taken into account when adding them up to get the single digit 4. 

Normally the number 4 describes someone who has a flair for planning, building and making things work.  However if you got your number 4 by adding 22 together these traits are magnified and translate to the spiritual as well as the physical world.  The number 22 in effect adds a spiritual level to the reading.   The number 4 person with a 22 influence will find themselves naturally drifting into careers that enable them to help others or the world in a positive way.  This due to the intuitive nature of the number 2 adding itself to the building nature of the number 4 and the spiritual aspect of the master number 22. 

The positive aspects of the number 22 are a sense of leadership and diplomacy that comes naturally to the person.  Excellent planning and work ethic means that any person with a 22 in their makeup will be able to do any job that is passed to them and they will rise to the top of any organization they are in if allowed.

There are downsides to the master number 22 however.  People with the master number 22 will often try and control people around them or their work simply because they lack faith in the ability of others.  They also tend to be workaholics and ignore their diets so take time out to relax and look after yourself so you can continue your good work.  Also because the number 22 adds a spiritual element so to it adds the sensitivity that naturally tends to occur with spiritual people.  This can lead to sensory overload and an unbalanced life as you try and deal with what your intuition is telling you.

Good jobs for people with this number would be business person, especially when the money raised is used to do something good, charity worker, politician or any other type of leader.   The best job however would include something that allowed the 22 person to reach for the sky and follow their dreams.  A 22 person will quite often have dreams that seem out of reach a lot of the time but given time and support they will make them turn into reality.

In relationships you become a steady partner and offer good emotional support.  Once you have found your life partner you will be intensely loyal remaining with your partner through thick and thin.  However this works best when the 22 person has a partner that understands their special gift.

Famous people who have had this number include Joseph Kennedy, head of the Kennedy clan, Bill Gates and Frank Sinatra.  All in all the number 22 can be one of the most difficult numbers to live up to but also one of the most promising to start with.  It is a number which adds additional spiritual dimensions to a steady number 4 and adds the skills to be able to do what your intuition is telling you. 

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