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Optimism and being optimistic is often looked at sceptically by practical people or, obviously pessimists. It is said that while it makes no difference whether one is optimistic or pessimistic, the optimist certainly has a better time of it!

Does optimism have any real value though, especially in this climate of war and financial loss and global disaster.

Well one must always start with the self. Obviously just staring at a natural disaster and being optimistic will not help the people who need you! However, that air of optimism does send out the right optimistic signals that does get picked up by those in need and by those around you. An optimistic outlook will in fact permeate any situation in which you find yourself and will literally soak into the social surroundings.

This does set up within the self an expectancy of good things to come thereby programming the subconscious to carry this covert instruction and thus to provide a self-fulfilling prophecy of the good kind.

One will have noticed that as you worry and obsess and ruminate over a particular problem you will start to manifest these symptoms in a very physical way: we all know the serious nature of stress on the human system. This of course all starts with the mind and then forms itself around the physical self.

We can see then that optimism can have just as powerful an effect on the self as stress. So why then do we not foster this optimism within ourselves and allow this optimism to propagate and grow. Remember, optimism is highly contagious, like a laughter chain, and so starting with ourselves the optimism will join with those we trust and love and will then gently trickle out into the world.

Optimism is truly a powerful force once it has become developed within the self first. Remember we are not talking about burying our head in the sand and escaping a sense of reality; no, we are embracing the Universal truth that good will prevail no matter how dark any situation may seem. Darkness is very simply the absence of light. Imagine a darkened room. What does one do, pessimistically complain about the darkness or do we turn on the light?

Turning on the light is that sense of optimism and holds as much power. So if you are feeling down then turn that cycle the other way and find some optimism from somewhere. If that means finding the company of optimistic people for the moment then maybe that is just what you need.

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