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Let The Past Stay Where it Belongs

Every person walking the face of the earth, at one point or another has their set of victories, failures, and defeats. In a blink of an eye someone can go from a euphoric high of achieving something great, to complete agony over a hurt or wound inflicted by another person. Past circumstances can have a profound impact on an individual’s life in a good way or a detrimental way, based on how they process each event.

For many years I lived in the past! My past was very tainted by rejection, fear, failure, loss, and abandonment. Family members turned their backs on me, church leadership made me feel like a failure before God, friends left me when times got too rough, and the list goes on. I thought it was a part of daily living to walk around as a martyr-grieving over my past. However, I have come to realize that carrying around weights, from years long forgotten, do nothing but bring destruction. Did I have a right to be upset and wounded? Absolutely! Was that continual grief and hurt doing me any good? Absolutely not!

Jesus came and paid the price, not only for our sins, but for the failures, wounds, and unfair treatment people would experience on planet earth. He gave us a way out of carrying around a load of “baggage;” however we have to recognize this truth, if we ever want to be complete and whole. It is high time we allow the past, your past and mine, to stay where it belongs: in the past! What good does it do anyone to consistently review a running list of their shortcomings, sins, victories, or failures? NONE!

 When you and I are always looking backwards, we miss the opportunities right in front of us to grow, prosper, and take better roads than before. We might feel justified in feeding and licking our wounds, but in reality, it only makes matters worse. The past is only a shadow of a time that was, it is not the predictor of the future, but we must allow the Holy Spirit to bring healing to drop that baggage-and run from it. Am I talking about denial here? Am I asking, you the reader, to pretend life-events never happened? No. What I am encouraging is the truth that we can be free from the weightiness the past can bring. I want to be like the apostle Paul, and press on towards the future hope of the high calling of God on my life; however I cannot truly be free and fulfill my destiny if I live in the past.

It’s high time you and I drop our past and leave it where it truly belongs: in the past! History can be a great teacher, but history is not a predictor of the future. Believe the word of God and the hope Jesus has brought to you and I, and the future will look much more appealing than what happened “back then.”

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