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Popular Wiccan Names and their Meaning

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"Popular Wiccan Names and their Meaning"
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What is one of the first things that we as mothers do almost immediately upon hearing that we are going to be blessed with the arrival of a new child? Aside from imagining who they will look like or what their temperament may be, we begin to research an appropriate name for them. We may choose this name based on its uniqueness or perhaps for its precious meaning. Either way, naming our child is not a task that we take lightly and we only hope that once we are cradling them moments after their birth, that we have chosen a name which fits them.

The process is no different for Wiccans and is perhaps of even greater importance to their religion and ritualistic ways. Whether it be an adult who is just joining the Wiccan lifestyle or whether it be an established Wiccan bringing a new child into their world, choosing their Wiccan name in accordance with the most appropriate meaning is the first step into the Wiccan way of life.

When becoming a member of the Wiccan religion, many choose to adopt a new name which is referred to as a Wiccan or Magickal name. This is done as a symbol of rebirth into a new life and represents an alter ego of who the person wants to be, which is why the meaning of the name holds so much importance. This is an extremely significant process for Wiccans because they see the choosing of a name and the meaning of that name as the foundation from which the rest of their Wiccan experience will grow from.

When choosing a name, some adopt the name of a God or Goddess in honor of them and some look into their family culture and select a name from folklore. Some even opt to put two words together and by doing so, it makes the name quite descriptive.

I have chosen a list of ten boys and ten girls names, all from Celtic origin, as most Wiccans are from Celtic descent. All of these names have been rated five stars and have significant and beautiful meanings in my opinion. I will begin with the young men first.

1. Cameron-Crooked nose;This was the nickname of a high chieftain who had a crooked nose.
2. Ronan-An old Irish name meaning "Little Seal."
3. Nolan-Noble.
4. Regan-Regal.
5. Trevor-Wise.
6. Donovan-Strong fighter.
7. Brennan-Raven.
8. Leigh-Healer.
9. Calum-Dove.
10. Wynne-Fair.

And now for the young ladies!

1. Brianna-Strong;she ascends.
2. Rhiannon-The mythical daughter of Heyfedd.
3. Aoife-Great warrior woman of myth.
4. Maeve-A mythical queen.
5. Nara-Contented.
6. Ailis-Noble.
7. Bridget-Strong;Bridget was also the mythic Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry.
8. Moira-Exceptional.
9. Morgana-Dweller of the sea.
10. Aingeal-Angel.

These are all absolutely beautiful names and any child who is chosen to have them bestowed upon them is surely a lucky child. Rest assured that they may not feel that way when they are young, especially if their name is quite unique, but as they become older and realize that their name has depth and meaning, they will most definitely hold their head high with pride and be grateful that you, as their parent, took so much time in choosing it for them.

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