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"Pray Write Prayer Stress Management Tool Healing Miracle"
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Prayer is being recognized not only as a religious tool but also as a stress management tool. Studies have shown the significance of prayer for healing and wellbeing. For instance, one study showed how when sick people were put onto prayer lists where someone prays for the particular sick person daily and the sick person called by name, healed at a faster rate than for those sick persons not receiving prayer.

People who follow a personal relationship with their savior are less likely to suffer from stress related problems. Why is this significant? People who pray to their Lord and savior use prayer as a stress reliever. These people experience a special peace when they pray, they are relieving themselves of the burden. (Philippians 4:6).

Prayer can be used as a form of journal writing. For example, Dear Lord, Please protect my family through these difficult financial times. You can write your prayer out and relieve pent up stress. People who are living according to God's word experience better health because of better lifestyle choices such as no smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, fornication (sex outside of marriage), cleaner living, prayer and fasting. Healthy lifestyle behaviors can go along way toward becoming healthier being.

It is well known that even people that are not religious will call out for help from God. For example "OH God Please help me out of this mess". We are born to communicate with God. Prayer is communicating with our higher power. It is inate to all of us whether we use it or not. When people are in trouble they may call a friend or relative to please offer up a prayer for them. In some way they experience some relief in knowing that someone will pray for them. Even if they don't pray themselves, people often will except prayer from someone else.

Prayer is mysterious to some people, they are not sure why they experience peace when they pray or someone prays for them but they know that they do.

At a time when the only thing you can do is pray. In a situation such as hearing that you or someone close has only have a 2% chance to live because of some horrific accident or serious illness. There have been time when a whole church is praying for someone like this and after such event the person miraculously recovers. And you know that it was the prayers of the people and God's healing that worked the miracle.

Whether you believe in prayer or not, there are plenty of testimonies and experimental studies that tells us that prayer really do work and offer healing and wellbeing for all who use it.

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