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Putting God first in your Life

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"Putting God first in your Life"
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As a Christian people often ask me why they have so much turmoil in their lives even though they pray to God. The answer is simple; prayer is not enough. You must put God first in your life.

In order to put God first one needs to change his or her way of living. At first it may be challenging but the outcome will be rewarding. You will have a great sense of peace in your life and bliss for eternity. Jesus died so everyone may enjoy their time on earth. When I was seeking the Lord I found the following four steps to assist me in putting God first in my life.

One of the first stops to putting God first is to devote time to Him daily. This may include meditation, prayer, and/or reading the bible. People tend to have hectic schedules but getting up fifteen minutes earlier or staying up later every day will bring you closer to the Lord.

Secondly, find a bible based church you are drawn to and attend regularly. Be attentive during the service. You will gain knowledge by listening to the word week after week. Not only will you benefit spiritually you may make new friends.

The third step is to learn how to listen to God. He reaches out and comforts people in many ways. One way is through a message during a church service. On several occasions my prayers have been answered during a message at church. God may also put something on your heart. When the request is from God you won't be able to rest until you fulfill it. At times God may give you an answer in your dreams. However, one should take caution in interpreting a dream to determine that it really is a message from God.

The fourth step may be the most difficult to accomplish. When you are going through trials keep a positive attitude. God will see you through it and the experience will only make you stronger. Focus on what you have and all the Lord has given to you. Find a way to help someone else. Even listening to someone else's troubles can lift a burden for them as well as yourself.

Putting God first in your life can be accomplished in many ways. Once that happens your life will never be the same. The feeling of helplessness will diminish. You will be able to achieve anything.

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