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Signs of the Zodiac - Scorpio

Scorpio secrets

Signs of the Zodiac - Scorpio
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Romancing a fiery, intense Scorpio, either male or female, can be a little tricky. They will always surprise you. You never quite know what to expect with a Scorpio when it comes to love and romance. A Scorpio will always have a secret. That's the first and most important thing you've got to remember when you're in a relationship with one.

The Scorpio man

Don't chase after a Scorpio man. He wants to do the chasing and if he senses you're after him, you can bet he'll get away. He needs to romance you. So let him. If you play hard to get, it will feed his flame and he'll pursue you like you've never been pursued before. A Scorpio male's passion can be downright scary! The intensity of their emotions and feelings are always explosive.

Deep down, as passionate as he is, he'll want a "good" girl. So, don't do anything that will have him thinking differently. Don't flirt with his friends. That will put him off in a huge way. He's got a jealous streak that's quite wide, so don't give him reason to think you're up to no good.

He'll probably like you to dress sexy, but in a conventional way. A Scorpio man will not like tacky/sexy clothes. Subtle is the best way to describe what a Scorpio will find attractive. He'll like classic clothing rather than trendy.

The Scorpio man has a temper. A big, fat ugly one, too. He'll keep it inside for quite some time before he flies off the handle. Be careful in the way you word things to him and if you tick him off, he'll let you know. And don't even bother trying to tell him he's wrong. He won't even hear you.

The Scorpio woman

Don't flatter a Scorpio woman unless you truly mean it. False flattery will get you nowhere with this woman. Flirting isn't all that attractive to a Scorpio woman. It has to be more than just passing the time. She'll want real romance, not surface flirting.

A Scorpio woman is quite loyal to those she loves. Her family and friends mean a lot her. She'll expect the same loyalty to be show to her in a romantic relationship. Any cheating will not be tolerated. It will be over, even if it's not over quickly.

Scorpio women (and men for that matter) tend to stay in relationships longer than they should. But don't think for a minute you won't pay for infidelity. Sooner or later, she'll find a way to hurt you just as badly as you've hurt her.

Public displays of affection might not be her style, but don't worry, you'll get enough private displays of affection to make up for it.

Good matches for a Scorpio

Being that Scorpio is a water sign, Taurus, an earth sign, is a good match. They are the exact opposite ends of the spectrum, which can either work really well or not at all. Two Scorpios together will, also, either work very well or be a relationship from Hell.

Scorpios are sometimes drawn to Leos. This can be a great match as long as the Scorpio is the emotionally stable kind. A Sagittarius and a Scorpio can also be a good match but again, the Scorpio has to be in charge of his emotions.

Pisces and Cancer usually don't work very well with a Scorpio. They may not be able to stand up to his force.

Keep in mind

If you can't live with secrets, a Scorpio is probably not the right person for you. Most Scorpios have a part of themselves they'll try to hide from everyone, including themselves. They can be quite mysterious. This doesn't work for everyone. But if you can accept this part of a Scorpio, that's more than half the battle.

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