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Spiritual Steps to Positive Thinking

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Spiritual steps to positive thinking, or positive steps to being spiritual.

Is positivity a part of being spiritual? Can only spiritual people be positive? What is being positive? What is being spiritual?

In this short article I will endeavour to outline the spiritual steps that when taken also by association take you along the positive steps as well. In truth they are only ever one and the same set of steps.

Positive thinking is a mix of insights that are coming to you from your positive soul. Your soul itself is neither positive or negative. Soul is just soul. Spirituality is a description of the truth of a soul that is being displayed by it loving its own truth enough to live from it. At any time when you are loving your own truth you are being spiritual. When you are being religious it is more about loving, and living from another person's truths.

When you are not following someone's else's version of their truth you could then be said to be being negative by the world or by that person. Following your own truths however is always being positive in your own eyes, even though it could still be being seen as negative in the eyes of others. It is in reality though the only spiritually positive step that you can ever take towards being the real you, and to be moving forwards as you on your own spiritual path.

Spiritual steps are steps along the path of your own soul as it moves towards spiritual enlightenment and to total living from unconditional love. What are spiritual steps, but moving through levels of consciousness towards higher, and higher levels. This is only ever achieved through loving. Positive thinking is less of a force than positive loving.

What is positive loving? This is loving that is loving always in an uplifting way. Always seeing the loving aspect of everything. Try to see what love is bringing you, and what love is giving to you in every situation and in each one of your life experiences.

Life is about love, and to be spiritual is to grow in this love by taking positive spiritual steps towards yourself.

Loving positively is loving yourself, and loving others in a connecting way. Loving negatively is a misnomer, because this is not then loving from a complete love. Loving negatively tends to pull you down, and them with you, because negative love is defined to be an obsession for getting your own way. Negative love is coming from your ego.

Positive love comes from your soul. Both forms of love serve their respective roles, and our soul will contrast itself with our ego to gain further insights into the wisdom of real love, and how it works and can work. In this way we can gain an understanding into the truth that lower forms of love can be either positive or negative, but that unconditional love is neither positive or negative.

Unconditional love can be described as positive, and it always usually is positive.

Unconditional love can however also appear negative, because it always takes its own unique path through all outer forms of resistance. Following unconditional love is being truthful and positive to your own truths, and which may then be criticised, or despised by all others. This is because they will often tell you to tow the line, and advise you to follow the way of the world to ever get on in your life in the World. They push you into a different direction rather than allowing you to walk your own journey, and to create your own path of positive truth for yourself.

Truth and positivity are only relative to yourself, and love allows this relativity to exist within all souls within God. This is the freedom of each soul to be itself and to take whatever steps it needs to be itself and to keep moving forwards as itself. Love advises you then to never inflict your own truths onto others, but to be always positive enough in the knowing of yourself to be able to trust and to follow your own truths both lovingly and positively.

Negativity, and it's partner criticism are a form of negative love. Everything is always working for love, and is under love's umbrella in one way or another.

Why does negative love exist, or ever need to exist?

Negative love, after all is still love. The person that is utilising negativity, or being negative at the bottom line are still only ever just trying to love.

How can this be so?

When someone is being negative, the real underlying truth is that they are only ever trying to achieve the exact opposite result for themselves. This is a subtle, and it is a rather hard to see point, but never the less it is true.

Nobody is ever just being negative only for negativities sake. They are actually being negative to try to achieve some type of positive effect on the other person. They are trying to make some type of a connection with another negative person. The truth is that all connection is only ever coming from love, whether it is either a negative, or a positive connection. Love is the only connector that exists between all souls and also to God.

It is true then that even negativity leads you back to love eventually by connecting you to another negative person, and who you will attract to yourself. All paths lead only ever back to love in this way. Eventually you will realise this because you know that two negatives make a positive, and so you and the other negative person will eventually bring each other to positivity through the very connection of the negativity existing temporarily now in both of you.

This is only the workings of love. This is how love never stops working for all souls. Love works both within the negative, and the positive situations of life. Love is always working and never stops working to get its message of love through to all souls in which ever way that it can do so. It will make use of either our positivity or our negativity in order to do so. When we realise this spiritual insight, and when we try to take always the right spiritual step and one that is leading us towards love, it will always end up to be a positive step for us then.

Spiritual love, and the positive steps we can take to achieve it in our lives.

Spirituality is always coming to us from love. Positivity is an aspect of spirituality, and so is negativity. All serve the spiritual. All serve only love. The idea is to recognise the dualities that are present within love, and that living as a human brings out from love. The next step then is to see that all things and events in our lives are forever only returning us to love. Negativity is an opposite side of positivity, but both are contained within love.

When you feel negative, instead of looking for the positivity or anything else, just accept where you are at right now for now, and then try to see the love that is still operating for you, and within you. You will then notice that you are feeling positive again and have become aware of the positive side of the negativity that you had been immersed in. The negativity has not been neutralised and you return to the positive aspect of love again and to a balanced growth of yourself forwards again. You have now taken another spiritual step towards positivity and of course to the ability and awareness to operate from a greater conscious knowing of the love that is in you and which you are a part of.

This move to seeing only love in all things will always serve to balance out the negative with the positive in you, and so that you now will live only from real love in a balanced way, and in the end it will be neither negatively or positively. Only full unconditional love itself will remain. You will now follow only love, rather than even following positivity, and which is always one step less than following total love, only ever being a part of love, but still contained within total love.

Only love allows for spiritual growth, and to follow this love is always the most positive step to take. Spirituality leads you to positive steps sometimes, or sometimes to negative steps, but all steps are spiritual steps and all steps are only ever taking you towards love.

Be spiritual then by following love rather than only trying to be excessively positive all of the time. Realise that there is a time, and a place for all stages of love to come to you, and to be experienced by you. These steps towards understanding love are your real spiritual steps. Spiritual steps are never only all negative or all positive, but they are always constructed from and out from pure unconditional love.

Positive thinking is only really ever defined by our memory. It is more just a thought that we try to remember and to live by than a real way of living by only loving.

Act as if everything is positive and it will be. The negative turns to positive by loving. All is positive within the power of love only loving.

Positivity adds to itself, but negativity only ever further subtracts from itself, while love just simply remains as itself. Love only ever wants you to understand and experience all parts of it. You learn from all types of experiences, whether you see the steps as being spiritual or positive or negative, they are all only ever steps towards love.

To take steps towards being positive is to step away from the negative and to see aspects of the positive in all that you see. Positivity is a step towards seeing love in all that you see. Negativity is just a way of seeing things that are not really there at all. Love composes all things, creates all things and makes all things from itself. There is nothing that love is not. The negative is only a limited vision of full love not being fully seen from as yet.

A spiritual step to positive thinking is only a positive step towards seeing all steps as being really steps towards love. Every step that any of us takes ultimately is only ever a step taken towards love. All paths and all steps take us to love, no matter which way that they go. Some go in a negative direction for a while and some a positive direction, but all balance out in the end to move us forwards closer to living from only love from a full conscious understanding of this love.

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