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Prophet Dawud was one of the many sons of Esha. He was the youngest son. He is the father of Prophet Sulaiman.
Prophet Dawud's name is mentioned 16 times in the Quran. Prophet Dawud was from among the Israelites. The Israelites loved Prophet Dawud very much after the incident with Jaloot. The Israelites and Jaloot went to war with each other. Prophet Dawood was very young at the time and not well known. His father had sent him with the troops not to fight but to come back and tell his father how everyone was doing. When he saw that Jaloot was very brave and courageous and the Israelites were very fearful of him and not willing to fight him, Prophet Dawud decided to step into the fighting and counter jaloot. As prophet Dawud was very young Jaloot did not pay him much attention, but when Prophet Dawud started fighting him Jaloot realized how strong he was. Prophet Dawud killed Jaloot in the fighting which resulted in him becoming very popular for his courage amongst the Israelites.

Prophet Dawud was the first person to have been a prophet and a king at the same time, therefore Prophet Dawud was appointed to look after the spiritual, social, and economical matters of the Israelites. Hazrat Dawud was very wise and just in making his decisions.

Prophet Dawud was given the holy book zaboor. Within minutes, he could recite the whole book, this was one of his miracles. Prophet Dawud was blessed with a very beautiful voice. Hazrat Dawud would spend most of his time in remembering Allah and reciting Allah's name.

Allah taught Hazrat Dawood how to make armor from iron which was not very heavy, and was comfortable as in those times the armor used to be extremely heavy which only a few strong people were able to wear, and the armour obstructed movements.
Even though Hazrat Dawud was a king he did not spend any money from the bayt-ul-mal, (income of the kingdom) rather he would make weapons and armour and sell these and use this halal money for his expenditures.
Hazrat Dawud would use his time very wisely making sure he served his allah and his people and his family and take time out to earn.

Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Al-As narrated: Allah's Apostle (pbuh) said to me "The most beloved fasting to Allah was the fasting of the Prophet Dawud, who used to fast alternate days. And the most beloved prayer to Allah was the prayer of Dawud, who used to sleep the first half of the night, and pray for one third of it and again sleep for a sixth of it.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari).

The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) passed away at the age of 100 years. He was buried in the city of sayhoon.

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