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Testimonies is it possible to Feel the Spirit of a Person when they Die

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"Testimonies is it possible to Feel the Spirit of a Person when they Die"
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As a retired hospice nurse, I have been at the bedside of many people as they were dying. Many of the dying say they can see members of their family or friends that have been gone, they had died. They speak to them, and ask if you can see them there sitting on the bed. Knowing a little something about the dying before they go, helps to know what to look for after they have died.

There have been some truly evil people in this world. One such man abused his family, his six children and his wife, sexually and emotionally. One of the daughters wrote a book about the horrendous treatment they received from the father. He had a difficult time right before he went. He was screaming in tongues, you could not understand what he was saying. It is called a 'word salad'. He was scared and agitated, fighting death all the way. He finally was to succumb and the body lay in the room for a little while before we could get to it to prepare it. I was the first one in the room, I had to suddenly back out of the room, the energy in that room was so strong and so negative. I had to get six other nurses to come in with me to prepare the body, it was awful.

Another such story, involves the husband of the dying women, the story of these two people were that the wife was sexually abused, forced to have a three-some, and the extra women visited the dying wife all the time. The wife lay in a fetal position, refusing food, water and pain meds. She was dying of vaginal cancer. I was in the room to give her a bath, and change her sheets on the bed. I was bent over her, and all of the sudden I felt a horrible presence. I stood up and turned around. The husband was in the doorway watching me. I had to get out of there and fast. It was truly evil, I can't begin to explain how strong and negative these auras are. Thats what they are, Auras, Energy coming out of the body when the person dies. The second example was a little different, in that I felt the spouse of the dying.

On the other hand, when people are at peace, and are ready to go there is a positive, peaceful energy in the room, it is so different.

I so firmly believe that you can feel a person's spirit, especially after they die. The feeling can stay in a room for quite a while, we were always careful about putting a new patient in a negative energy room. It could make them agitated and anxious, and they would see people sitting on the bed that weren't there.

Some rooms held the negative energy for quite a while, night shifts at the hospice were something else.

You need to make your peace will you can, get things sorted out before you die. Things left undone and or unsaid hang heavy in the air.

I am a true believer in feeling the spirit of the dying, in many forms, before and after they have gone. It is very strong. Lead a good life so what you leave behind will be peace.

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