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The Implications of Gods Love for us

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"The Implications of Gods Love for us"
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The love of God is something that perhaps is rather difficult for most of us to be able to fully comprehend.

Is this love something only to be found, and if so, is it ever really worth the finding? What exactly are the implications of God's love for us?

This article will talk about God's love, and then discuss how to find it. Secondly we will look at the implications, or the rewards of finding God's love, and then how to go about living from his love.

Love lives within every person.

The implication of this is that this connection to God is always existing for every person via his love. It is freely available for every person that wants to connect to God, and so to live a life of service to God.

Your connection to God's love is often lost by pursuing your own wants. To re-establish this connection again, you only need to learn not to depend on desiring to fulfil only your own wants.

God's love is worth re-connecting to, because his love remains the only thing to be able to install this realer meaning back again into your life, from your feeling of this living love being alive in your own heart.

# God's love gives our life its meaning.

You can argue about the meaning of life, until the cows come home. The only way to know for certain that you have the correct meaning is to feel it deep within your own heart. This is about first finding, and then secondly hanging onto your connection to God's love, and then not losing it ever again, to the passing wants and desires of your own ego.

# God's love gives our life its real value.

The value of God's love for individual's in their own life can be seen in many different ways.

Love creates a feeling of connective trusting. Our faith is no longer blind, because it is based on both the inner and outer feeling of our being unconditionally loved by God.

The way to find God's love is not to go searching for it. Stop looking for it altogether, and just let it more find you.

The only reason why God's love might have seemed to have not found you as yet is because of the mental barriers that you yourself have first put in place. Unfortunately, you then often continue to hold them in place, and this blocks your inner knowing.

The feeling of being loved by God is one that is continually arising in you. It is arising in you from the receptacle of God's love that is within you. This is located in you within your own heart, and it only ever just awaits for your recognition, and full acceptance of it.

We all have a part of God within our hearts. This could be said to be our soul, and our soul is the receptacle for God's love, that I am talking about here.

# God's love can fill our soul, and energise us in our lives.

God's love for everyone never just comes and goes. It is always constant. God is always loving everyone. He never stops loving anyone.

This means that whenever you are looking to find God's love, you will instantly find it. Looking is part of finding.

Once re-found, and re-connected to, your life will then be transformed into one of living only from this love, and this is the major reason not to delay, but to believe that God's love can be found within you right now.

What is life, but the happiness of God's love living in you, being you.

# God's love brings us happiness, and a happy life.

God's love in its relation to you, and to me, to use an everyday, commonly used type of phrase that literally includes absolutely everyone else within it, is what sustains all of us in our existence.

God's love is the self recognition that his love is all that there is.

You are created from God's love, and its energy sustains you even now. It is the only thing that gives you life, and it allows you to keep living. All life comes from God's love. All is love, and love is essentially all that you are too. God is love, and so you are a part of his love too.

God's oneness develops itself infinitely when the energy of his love moves into his parts. At the same time God's love expands itself also within all of God's created parts. This usually takes place one soul at a time, as each soul finds for themselves God's love, and as it is coming to them in their own particular individualised life.

# God's love allows us to feel a part of God, and allows us to operate from his oneness, that includes us as well.

Each soul's personal development becomes personal to God when they become loved by God inside of their own personalised life.

This essentially means that each one of us must first learn to love ourselves, in order to find this love of God, that is already always inside of us. By loving ourselves, we find God's love.

This is because, all love, is God's love.

There is only the one energy within God's oneness, and this is his love loving.

Every individual has the freedom either to accept, or to reject this love. Every person is always loved by God. It is their own state of God granted freedom that allows them to either receive, or to block his love as it comes to them in their own individual lives.

Love either comes into them, or they are using their own store of love in reverse to block its further incoming. This is why someone without God so often has so very little energy of their own. They are using what little they have to block this incoming love, that is coming to them continually from God.

# God's love energises a person, and brings purpose, direction, motivation, and enthusiasm to their lives. Nobody who fully loves can ever be depressed, or can ever be a totally negative person.

God's love is worth finding, because it shows each and every one of us that we are also loved by God, and that God personally cares for our own life, and that he wants us to grow within him, in being ourselves.

# God's love allows us to feel loved. Feeling loved brings everything else with it to our lives.

Our life is about our consciously getting to know God. We all already know unconsciously that we are loved by God, and this is the reason why we have begun our own conscious searching for God.

Every soul undertakes this same journey. The first step involves the search for God's love, the next step is finding God's love, and in the last step we must implement God's love into our lives.

We must live from God's love, allowing God to live through us.

# God takes every step with us, and he is always with us on every step of the way. This is another benefit of God's love for us, that is, when we allow it to come into our lives.

Finding God's love during our search assures that us that we will grow in our own understanding, as a result of God's love growing, and expanding itself within us, at one and the same time.

God becomes conscious of himself loving himself, when each part of him grows in their own consciousness enough to decide now within themselves to love God. When a soul love's God, they also have then found his love, and it really is all that simple.

Each soul teaches God about himself, because they are a mirror of God's love loving. This conscious recognition and conscious acceptance of his love by us, allows God to see himself within the mirror of created consciousness.

Consciousness itself arises like a magnetic field arises around moving electricity.

Consciousness is created by love moving between God and his creation.

When a soul finds God's love, God's love can then be consciously accepted, and consciously recognised. Each soul's consciousness then reflects this love back to God, and so God then is also able to find himself within himself.

This is why it is necessary for each soul to find God's love within themselves. The implication that follows us finding God's love within ourselves, is that it allows us to be consciously ourselves. We can only be ourselves when we are living from God's love.

# This is the most important of all of the other implications of God's love for us. God's love allows us to grow in consciousness, and in the conscious recognition of God.

Following this path eventually leads us to our God conscious state. We are enlightened, and become active participants in God's plan to bring conscious recognition to himself from his own parts. This can only happen when each soul grows a conscious awareness of God's oneness of love as it is living within them.

# Recognising God's love, is recognising God.

In these ways, God can see himself with us, in infinitely different possible ways, and so God grows, even as his own parts all grow within himself. The sum of the parts, which is God, becomes greater then in a way than the individual parts, but not really, and this is the paradoxical nature of God's love.

God's love is both complete in its oneness, and infinite in its movement, or in its ability to flow to every part of God, and so this means that finding God's love, makes a God out of every person who ever truly does so.

# This is still another reason, for every person to find God's love. The implication of finding God's love, allows us also to find ourselves within him.

" We become God, by loving God, because God has also then become us, in us being ourselves."

This is a nice quote from an unknown author, and that supports all that I have been saying here.

When you love life and yourself equally, life becomes worth living then, because it becomes a journey going through God's love for you. Every soul takes this same journey, and the first step is finding God's love. This is why finding God's love is vitally important, and it is why God's love is a love worth finding.

# Finding God's love allows it to be implemented in our lives, and this then gives us our only real life.

The implication of God's love in our lives is that it gives us a life. Without God's love, we could never exist, or go on existing. God's love sustains us, and it allows us to grow with God. Love grows, by us growing. Consciousness is only possible because of God's love. We become conscious as much as we are allowing God's love to live within us, being us.

God's love allows us to be us, and God to be God, this is its main, and its most important implication.

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