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Thoughts on Feeling Insignificant

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"Thoughts on Feeling Insignificant"
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Compared to the things that make a person feel significant, there are a whole lot more things to make one feel insignificant. Each person fights their own inner battle, and the things that make me feel insignificant may not even register with someone else. In a society like ours, which places way too much value on appearance (but appearance does have a real value), the way people feel about themselves because they're too fat, too pale, too dark, too skinny fill in the blank carries a lot of weight. It is the feeling of insignificance, multiplied and magnified with a vengeance, which is a major factor underlying school shootings and other public displays of human volcanoes exploding.

Of course remedies are offered. I'm astounded by the number of people I've met in recent years who are in some kind of therapy. And if television commercials are to be believed, joining the Hair Club for Men is about the same as a religious conversion. Isn't it great how those guys were virtually frozen with fear before some new hair put them back in the game, and in color instead of black and white? And this guy Bob on the Enzyte commercials, the guy with the perpetual rictal grin, has a secret source of confidence derived from "male enhancement". What he and his wife did to make up for the deficit before that I don't know. I did notice the advertisement offered a free week's supply for trying it out. So I guess Bob's "enhanced" significance lasts only as long as he buys pills. With that much value placed on them I can see Bob going into meltdown if he runs out of pills along with people who forget their insulin or blood pressure meds. Even with his maleness thus enhanced I don't see how he could perform under all the pressure to stay enhanced.

We can also feel insignificant when we look at the madness going on in the world. It makes you almost want to find a hole and pull it in after you. Sometimes we make our own holes in various ways, but they never really work. Right now one of the big arguments (and in my opinion one of the biggest shams) is about global warming. The argument for it is far too emotional and is running downhill under the power of emotional gravity, not reason. Arguments against it appear insignificant in the face of the doomsday tales retold daily. It reminds me of movies I used to see as a kid about some folks lost in a prehistoric jungle, trapped between some rocks as they watched two dinosaurs slug it out. All they could do in their insignificance was hide between rocks.

Insignificance is a matter of perspective. As long as our feelings and a rather selfish estimation of things prevails with us then insignificance feels like a constant irritant that can turn into a disease. And if we're constantly irritated we either have to remove the source of the irritation or find a way to live with it. But the ways we manufacture to live with it usually mean a very cramped life. David, in the Psalms, asked God what man was that He should be mindful of him. He felt his insignificance so much that he was simply amazed that God would have any reason to deal with him. In David's case his insignificance became the source of his humility instead of anger against the world. We can all see that if there is anything sorely lacking in the earth today it is humility. God knows that we are but dust. He also calls us sheep, which when you think about it is not a compliment. Check out the info on sheep and you'll see that they aren't too bright. They're dirty, too.

So I think one way to maintain some sanity is to accept my insignificance in conjunction with the value God places on me. Only then can I laugh at my own stupidity and truck load of defects. "In thy light, we see light." (Psalm 36:9)

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