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Understanding Karmic Debt and the use of Free will

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"Understanding Karmic Debt and the use of Free will"
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Karma can be useful for us all, and it can serve us, and help us to clarify our own truths, out from others truths. At times in my life, I am not sure of whether, a belief or thought that I'm holding and living by, is actually mine, and one of my truths, or if it has been taken on by me, from somebody else, and isn't even what I really think, or believe in. Sometimes, for example, I've lost who I really am. I've lost the trust and the power of me, and so gained a false idea of what my truth should be or has to be, or even is expected to be, from others. I become and act as they expect me to act, and have taken on their truths, and other traits, and beliefs from these other people, in my life.

And so I'm taking on their truths, to masquerade as my own truths. But in this way I just become more and more lost to my own truths.

This is the role of Karma then, to help us to find our own true free will again, and which will lead us, and return us to again living by our own truths, which we can then identify, and own as our own now, but only because our Karma has shown us, the fruits and consequences of living by another's beliefs, and their particular brand of truth, rather than following, and owning our own truth. When we do this, we incur and bring Karma to ourselves. When we live as our true self, we never can occur any karma.

Karma only comes to us then, when we have left our true path, or are off away from it, led astray by our ego, and so have forgotten our true path for a while.

So it is true, that if we stray off from our true path and life purpose and so stop following our own truth and true direction, this leads to creating karma, that only then is attracted to you in order for it to then try to push you back towards, and so onto your path once again, and so to again follow your own truth, and life purpose again, as well. The further you stray off your path, the stronger the karma will become, to then stop you straying even further, and so it will act to divert you back towards, and onto your path and true journey, for your soul once more again.

This is a good description of the role of karma, in your life. It acts as more of a guiding factor in your life, rather than a punishing retributer, or just a distributor of justice. The Law of Karma is also operating solely for you, and under the direction of the Law of Divine Love as well. This great law states that, all only ever works for the benefit of love, and to serve love in some way, or another. The Law of Love is always perfect, and so will always ensure that all is kept perfectly in tune with it, and heading back towards perfection again, and its own truth, every time it strays off from this, but all is serving soul in some way, and all experiences can be learnt from.

It is only the directness, or the speed of the path towards God consciousness, that is affected and delayed by incurring karma in your life, as it needs to be worked out, and allowance has to be given for the time to return you back onto your true course in life once more again.

To find myself once again, I need to think more about what are really my own values, and my own truths. Other's teachings, that they try to teach us or impart to us, are really more for themselves, than necessarily for us. So I should always go with my own truth, over the truth of all others, and this is the only way to live truly, my own life. And so by not following my own truth, I only developed fears; fear of my power; fear of others; fear of God, that he might actually exist and be real; and also a fear of fearing, or a fear of my own fears, but most of all I have a fear of not knowing, of being alone, and being without any security or protection. And so overall, and in the end, it all turns out to only really be, a fear of myself.

How can I, or anyone else get past all of these types of fears, to our own truths now, then?

I mention the existence of fear, here, because if ever we are experiencing any fear in our life, it is a sure sign that karma is also operating freely in our life. And we then need to recognise this karma, and use our own free will, to disentangle ourselves from its mesh, by understanding now the lesson of love that we have been overlooking, and ignoring in our lives. When we do this, and so learn and understand our true lesson about this new facet of the workings of love, we will then leave this karma behind, and so it will not follow us around any more, to bring us only the message that we are refusing to see, now.

Our free will can serve us, when we are allowing our true self soul to apply it, but when our ego thinks it is acting freely, and applying its free will, it never is. It is always trapped, and so really following the exact opposite of freewill. It is following unconscious drives, and subconscious programming's, and the subtle desires of the lower bodies. The physical body has a desire to indulge itself in lust and sexual pursuits, for example, and the ego just allows and follows this drive and desire, thinking it is doing so freely, and exercising its own free will.

But it never is, the ego thinks it is in control, but is only the servant of all these other baser emotions, drives, instincts, and unconscious and subconscious programming's, and all your past wants. The ego only works for us, when it listens to soul, and so serves soul as an outpost, to spot and vet these programs and impulses,being received from the other bodies.

Fear is a build up of resistance to that what is. Fear is a reaction to your karma, but more a resistance to having to learn the truths of the lessons, that your karma is bringing to you now.

What is karma?

Karma is only a form of love, as are all things. Everything in existence, and all laws, only ever exist, because of love, and have their continuing existence, because of love. And so love creates all other situations, in order for you to understand better, and to receive this love, and so to learn about its many stages and facets, without blocking it inwardly. You are of course free to block it, and this blocking is another source of your fears. Anything that you restrict, or block, or even try to stop from happening, creates a wall of fear, as the love and its teachings for you, are then also blocked, and so cut off from you.

How to get past this wall of created fear, then?

Once created, the only way is to see the real truth, that the wall of your fears, is not really ever solid, and will melt away, as soon as you reintroduce love into the equation, and into your life, and so place love on top of this wall of fear.

What happens then?

Fear actually absorbs all that is placed around it, and on it. It will always absorb more fear, and it feeds on its own fear, as well. But love your fear, and feed it only love, and the fear itself will then absorb this love, and so fear will melt away, as love takes its place. Love contains fear, but fear is forever trying to block out the love. It is after all a part of its fear, its idea and a false idea, that it needs fear to get past its problems, by hiding behind the fears. And so it never realises that love shines its light onto all fears, and all problems, to enable you to see past the fears, and to embrace the love that is in the fear as well, and then to see the fear, for what it really is, but then to let it lead you back to more love, rather that onto more fear.

Love is fear spelt backwards, when you try to go backwards through fear to escape only the fear, that you yourself have created. Fear is afraid of itself, and its creation of fear, so that if you love all creations, fear included you will begin to see, that fear can spell love when you drop off the letter "f", and so just leave the "ear" there, for listening to what the fear is really bringing to you, from its real mother, and which is only love. The "f" of course stands for formulation or creation of this fear, only when you are not putting your ear to it, and so listening for its message of love, and that is always there, always.

So how do karma, free will, and love all work together?

Does karma override free will? Or does free will, that is used with love, overcome even the karmic forces, and other spiritual laws, and so circumvent the karma, with this understanding, and acceptance of your own truth. Acceptance of your own truth and learning, and then following it, can never make any karma for you, as this is only ever serving love.

As long as we learn, and take our always present chance to learn, in the direction of love, and what it is bringing, and showing us now, we will not make further karma. Karma only becomes our teacher, if we are not learning from love.

Is it possible then, to disentangle ourselves from our karmic bonds and debts, through the use of our free will, and our understanding of love, but more by our giving of love, and following unconditional love first, rather than following only human love?

Free will, is allowing you to freely experience, and to interpret these experiences according to your own truth. If this truth is coming from who you really are, it will be based on love, as it originates from love, and as does all truth, only ever come out from love.

But if you choose to ignore your own truth, and again freely, as you are always free to do, what happens then?

Well then, karma will come along then for you, to teach you, and so that you learn, that living freely, always carries consequences, and therefore a certain responsibility, as well. This is because truth is only truth, when you live your own truth, from its roots in God's love. If you try to live from lesser ideas of truth, held and established by karmic past experiences, based on your attachments to your ego's reactions, then karma will keep appearing to you, and for you. Karma comes to you then, to endeavour to try to bust this ego hold on you, and to stop or slow you down from allowing your ego to run completely out of proportion, and out of its proper place, and so functioning abnormally, and differently than from it's natural position, and its rightful position, in the proper functioning of your lower bodies.

Karma will then try to wake you up to what is really happening now, and so then help to return you to living freely and truly, and so more completely again, from your soul. The ego is never free, and only operates entirely from past subconscious implantings of desires, and incorrect interpretations made by the ego, and your other emotional, mental, physical, and all your other lower bodies, and that soul only wears during its human incarnation. The ego as I have said is the servant of your soul, and should never be allowed to be the master.

Ego is a tester of truth, and never the judge of final truth. The ego allows truth to filter through it, and reflects this back to soul, and if soul sees its own true reflection, it recognises its own truths in this way. The true role of your ego then, is to be a mirror to your soul, as much as the world is a mirror of your own thoughts and beliefs and ego, when the ego is in control, rather than serving you as the reflector, and sieve for your own truth. So look at your own world and you will soon see who is in control of your life, your ego, or your soul. The truth of who is in control is reflected back to you from your life, and from the way your life is going, and by all of the things in your life now.

Free will is the allowance from God for you to learn in your own way, from your own truth, for your own truth, and in order for your truth to serve, and be part of the greater truth. Karma stops this process from spiralling upwards, as you need to grasp each truth as it comes, as truth always builds on other truths. And love, loves itself more based on its current understanding of itself, and so expands from itself, as it expands through its own understanding, and experience of all that is contained in it, and so recognising its own truths, previously hidden in its own love.

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