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Was Jesus Mother Mary Divine or just Human – Divine

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"Was Jesus Mother Mary Divine or just Human - Divine"
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Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, was chosen to bear the only son of God before she was born. As a descendant of King David, she was born into a life ordained for God's purpose at the correct time. Every aspect of her lineage, upbringing, character, and temperament prepared Mary to be the perfect Mother to prepare Jesus for his mission on earth. Many generations of descendants of King David came to pass before this woman, the one chosen to be the most blessed woman in history, was born.

The Bible tells us that Jesus learned the lessons of the Bible at his mother's knee and by studying nature. No other woman could have provided the motherly love and education Jesus received. She was surely Holy and while we know that Jesus was the only man to live a completely sinless life; surely she was as close to perfection as a woman can ever be on this earth.

Although she lived a human life, was married to a human man and gave birth to other children and suffered all of the hardships and the pain that life can bring and of loosing her firstborn son to Crucifixion; the Divinity of Mary is without question.

By virtue of her position as Jesus' Mother, Mary cannot but hold an exalted position in Heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She has appeared to many people in many Holy places bringing joy, peace, and hope to Christians throughout the ages. Her presence is a great comfort to all Christians and her reward as God's chosen one surely is great.

I realize that this seems to be a simplified answer to this question but it is hard for me, as a Christian, to imagine that Mary could be anything other than Divine. The exaltation of Mary is something I would never think to question. Although she is not part of the Holy Trinity and was surely only human in her life on this earth; she reigns as the Queen of Heaven.

This is why it is important for us to remember that even Mary, even Jesus suffered the trials and tribulations of this life. For this reason, we cannot blame God for our suffering; the blame rests with us. God created a beautiful world for us and all the pain and suffering in the world is the result of the sins of humanity. If you study the lives of Jesus, Mary, and all of the Prophets and Apostles and disciples; you will see that they all suffered horribly at the hands of world. Why should we expect our lives to be any better?

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