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Jesus arm wrestling with Satan.

Ways to Defend yourself against Satans Attacks on your Soul

Jesus arm wrestling with Satan.
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"Ways to Defend yourself against Satans Attacks on your Soul"
Caption: Jesus arm wrestling with Satan.
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Christians and non-Christians alike have felt in some way, shape, or form something that pulls them in a direction they know is inherently wrong and against all their personal standards of what a person should or should not do. For some it is relatively easy; depending on the situation; to keep themselves from straying down that path but for others it requires a lot more effort.

Regardless of how much effort you put into it, figuring out what works best for you in this mini-battles may help you out with the even greater "unseen" battle that is being waged for your soul. The combatants in this timeless battle that has lasted since the fall of Lucifer into Hell, are none other the almighty savior God and his once-beloved fallen-angel, Satan.

Satan and his deamons are constantly striving to snatch souls from unsuspecting people to share in their misery in the kingdom of fire in hopes that the army they build can withstand the eventual onslaught of Jesus and his Army of Armageddon. For Christians we know that Satan's quest for survival is futile but for others they may see a way to "get back" at God for "apparently turning his back on them."

This belief in itself is planted in our souls by Satan and is just one of his tactics in his attacks on our souls. If left undefended a soul can wear down and may eventually fall prey to the "horned demon" in his fiery kingdom and be lost forever. For those with a relationship with the Lord, Satan's attacks on our souls are worse as he strives day-in and day-out to wreak havoc upon our souls and lead us astray.

The good news is that there are ways to defend against these constant attacks from the fallen one and many of them can be found in the Bible. The basic of all defenses is to pray and put your faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ his son. Reading the Bible is also a defense as your soul connects with the word of God and deafens itself from the words of the oppressor.

Some find singing hymms or religious songs as a strong defense mechanism while others find writing, reading, or talking effective as well. No matter what your defense mechanism is, if it works, stick with it. Some of these more common ones work just find, but for others more personal ways are needed to fend off Satan and his minions.

For me, I visualize a battle in my mind at the Gates of Hell. The combatants are Satan and Jesus and to the victor goes my soul for all eternity. Satan wears a bright blood-soaked cloak over a suit of armor made from the bones of lost souls as he rides a fire-red stallion and wields a sword so strong that Excalibur would shatter with one stroke of the mighty blade.

On the other side sits Jesus, on his white mare, in flowing white cloak and sword of glistening sunlight that blinds anyone who looks at it. The power within the sword makes the air around it shudder and shake as it is the air of Hell and it fears even the thought of the sword swinging on its master.

In the middle of this battle I am standing, watching and listening as both Jesus and Satan beseech me to come behind them for eternity. Satan tries to plant the seeds of decent, ever repeating "It is better to lead in Hell then serve in Heaven" or "I will open your eyes to things He will hide from you" and much, much more. His tone is sharp and stabs into my soul and almost has a pleading tone to it.

As a matter of fact I almost feel pitty for Satan as he too knows his ultimate demise but refuses to accept it. Of course this is just another sneak-attack from the evil one upon my soul and a darn good one to boot.

Meanwhile, Jesus in all his glorious splendor says very little as the words that come from his mouth are short, but straight to the point. The words are soft and pleasing to hear and change with the changing situation. He says exactly what it is I need to hear and I begin to walk toward him.

Every time this battle comes to this point, Satan does the same thing. He makes a mad dash for me across the plains in front of the Gates of Hell, only to be blinded by the sight of the sword of Jesus and his stallion bucks back, throwing him to the ground where he is pierced by his own mighty sword.

Thus ends that attack on my soul as I walk unobstructed to my Heavenly King on his white horse and my soul rests in his beauty. This may seem like it takes a long time to play out, but in my mind it is relatively quick and it makes me feel better and I feel Satan's pull quickly fade away.

This concept may not work for you but if you have been thinking of another way to defend yourself from Satan's attacks, give this a try and you might find that it works just great.


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