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What is Lucky for Capricorn and Luck Mascots for Capricorns

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"What is Lucky for Capricorn and Luck Mascots for Capricorns"
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If you are a Capricorn and you pursue competitive ventures seriously, you are doing so for one of two reasons. Either you have devised a systematic and methodical approach to this area and you want to test your theory. Or, you don't really believe in luck, but, you'll give it a go anyway, to see if you can be proved wrong!

Capricorn Luck and Positive Thinking ~

On the whole, you could be described as more "pessimistic" than "optimistic". Certainly, you won't feel any great excitement as you first make a start on new ventures. Your main attitude being: "Let's just see what happens, shall we."

It might be interesting if you tend to always look on the darker side, to try to get in a more positive frame of mind. If you look back on the past, you will probably have achieved a number of goals in your life. So have more faith in yourself and your future. Don't be afraid to "think big". Someone has got to win the big prize and won't it knock the wind out of your sails, if that someone happens to be you!

Lucky Capricorn? ~

Even so, don't give up your excellent approach to achieving your aims and objectives. Yes, it might be fun to enjoy a spontaneous gamble every now and then. But, the clever methods you've devised, the hours you spend trying to work out the answers or the winning formulas should undoubtedly bring you some pleasing results in the not-too-distant-future.

Lucky Prizes for Capricorns ~

You aim high, Capricorn, so the luckiest prizes for you are actually the best ones. Quality, not quantity is what's important. Antique items, fine wines, watches and clocks, books and biographies, expensive perfumes and flash cars are all fortunate prizes for you.

Lucky Days, Colours and Amulets for Capricorns ~

What's the best day to fill in those entry forms? Well, you're ruled by the planet Saturn, and Saturday is your lucky day. Eight is your lucky number while subdued colours such as grey, brown and black are actually lucky for you. Look for competitions with these places in either the answers or the titles: India, Mexico, Oxford, Delhi and Brussels. Your lucky stones are turquoise and amethyst, your lucky metal: lead. Again, enter competitions involving these.

Generally, lucky months for Capricorns are: January, March and May.

Born under an Earth sign, you tend to sense things with your body Capricorn. In competition try to become more tuned in to your 'gut feelings'. You are intuitive, but like everything, this is a side to your nature which has to be developed.

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