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What is Scrying and how to Scry

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"What is Scrying and how to Scry"
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Scrying is one of the oldest techniques used to connect to one's inner knowing.

It's a psychic toolit can assist in divining the future, in gaining greater insight into the present and it can link you to unconscious impulses buried in the past.

Most commonly it's done with a crystal ballthough anything can be used from a drop of ink in a bowl of water to cloud gazing. There are scrying mirrors (usually black) which can be purchased, but you can also practice this ancient art with common household items.

How does it work? Think of the hypnotic allure when you watch the flames in your fireplaceyou're drawn to the shifting shapes, and you're actually in a light state of hypnosis. Nothing scary there, it happens to all of us again and again. This slightly altered state is somewhat similar to dreaming, but you're awake and in a relaxed frame of mind. Just as when you gaze at the clouds in the sky or watch the flames, you begin to see images emerge. Not every image will be meaningful and it's important to practice, but eventually you're likely to be rewarded with a genuine insight, a flash of psychic awareness.

How To's

You can begin by practicing with objects outside yourselflook up at the clouds, at the patterns in wallpaper, cracks in the ceiling, a flock of birdsanything that let's your imagination play. We've all done this as kids: "That cloud looks like a bumblebee"; "that mountain looks like a woman's face and shoulders"; you get the idea.

When you're ready to move indoors and give it a try, you'll need to relax. You might want to listen to music or light a candle or sit quietly in your favorite place in your home. Whatever it is, it's best to try when you're not likely to be interrupted.

You can make a perfectly adequate scrying tool from all kinds of household items.

-Try putting a drop of ink in a bowl of water or slowly adding a few drops of your favorite food coloring. Sometimes these images seem to flicker or move; again, it's like clouds being windblown or flames flickering and the moving images can trigger insight.

-Have a favorite ring that has a cut stone that reflects light? You can wear it and tilt your hand back and forth and look for the shapes and colors that emerge.

-You can toss down a handful of toothpicks and, again, look for images, patterns, numberswhatever occurs to you.

-Scatter rose or flower petals on a cloth

-Whip up a mound of suds in the sink or the bath and either stir them or watch them dissolve.

The point is, almost anything can work; though from my experience it was easiest to learn the technique by adding food coloring to a clear bowl filled with water.

Don't be afraid to move your head and look at the images from lots of angles. Sometimes you might look at an image and think about something elsea friend, a relative, a situation. Those little "flashes" are intuitive just as when you think of someone and later that day you get an email or a phone call.

With a little practice you can begin to tap into your inner knowing; and when you're ready to purchase your crystal ball or scrying mirror you'll have a useful tool that's also a wonderful ornament for your home.

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