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What the Runestone Othila Means in a Rune Reading and how to Interpret the Symbol on the Runestone o

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"What the Runestone Othila Means in a Rune Reading and how to Interpret the Symbol on the Runestone o"
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Of the twenty four runes Othila or Othala represents spiritual heritage and karma. If this rune has been cast for you in a runestone reading, this is what you might expect.

Life is full of cycles, beginnings, middles and endings. And the twenty fourth rune indicates that you are coming to the end of a certain cycle in your life. You might feel proud of your accomplishments when you have overcome many hurdles to reach this stage. 

Now rather than throw yourself enthusiastically into the next project that comes your way, why don't you take a well deserved break?  Give yourself the chance to recoup your energies and to decide exactly where you want to go, before making any fresh starts.

A new cycle is about to begin according to the runestone Othila, but don't be in too much of a hurry to step into it.  The twenty fourth rune stands for wholeness and completion.  But at the same time, it offers a note of caution.  Be prepared to take a step back.  Spend some time in seclusion especially if you're aware that responsibilities and other people tend to drain your energy. 

You mustn't be surprised if events of the past which had been secret, or which you would prefer not to think about, suddenly crop up in your thoughts.  It's time perhaps to exorcise old ghosts.  Come to terms with your feelings.  Rid yourself of old inhibitions so that you can start anew.

There is a question you must ask yourself, today and that is: Are you easily influenced by others? If so, you must be especially careful for it's likely that someone is trying to persuade you into doing something your conscious advises you against. It is important, according to this rune Othila, that you should stand firm. Once you've made up your mind, be sure you don't let anyone talk you into changing it.

Finally, this rune alerts you to the more intuitive side of your nature. There's a strong need for emotional security and as you become more in tune with your own needs and feelings, you are taking positive steps towards achieving this kind of satisfaction.  Let your instincts lead the way.

If this rune, Othila has been chosen for you in a reading, try to remember your dreams on waking, for they could provide the solution to your problems.  Let your inner self be your guide.

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