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Who is Jeddah Mali

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1967 saw the birth of Jeddah Mali; the ordinary child who would one day grow up to harness her innate understanding of the human mind to become a great practitioner of spirituality.

Jeddah Mali claimed to have a number of spiritual experiences whilst growing up. Even as a child, she was not at all deterred by her visions; instead they led her to understand that the human mind is capable of things that are not commonly practiced in the modern world; spiritual things that can be released through meditation and firsthand experience.

After questioning her full potential throughout her childhood, she eventually set about seeking guidance and teaching that she hoped would enlighten her.

The twenty year old Jeddah Mali began travelling the world. Fresh from her teenage years, she found herself studying in Asia alongside the Dalai Lama along with many other renowned masters of spirituality. She studied the teachings of the most notable pillars of Buddhism, broadening her mind and soul as she gathered a greater understanding of spirituality.

When she was twenty-seven, Jeddah was granted the right by a group of spiritual masters to teach and to heal people. She embraced this right, making it a big part of her practice across the world. As a result of this, she relinquished her general philosophy and broadened her mind further, encompassing many different studies and ways of learning.

She is renowned for preaching the good that can come from mediation, and she implies spiritual enlightenment cannot simply be learned, but must instead be experienced through exploration of one's mind.

Her life long journey of self discovery has influenced and inspired so many people across the globe, and has supposedly led her to a greater knowledge and understanding of the human consciousness and the overall purpose of life. She is an inspiration to millions of spiritualists and theorists.

Her profound interest in the spiritual development of children (possibly harking back to her days as a child when she was inspired by her paranormal experiences) led her to study further and become qualified as a teacher of Anthroposophy- The study of spiritual science.

By the time she was thirty-one, she had founded a department in an Australian school where she taught and helped to develop young children. Her teaching contract lasted for two years and in 2000 she returned to her previous studies, eventually teaching larger groups of people and reaching a greater audience.

She is a well known practitioner today, across the UK and USA; she offers retreats and workshops to all whom wish to study her teachings.

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