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The zodiac consists of a system of twelve signs which are based on twelve constellations used in both astronomy and astrology. These twelve constellations make a ring that lines the path the sun appears to take across the sky during the year which is known as the ecliptic. The ring of constellations lining the ecliptic was divided up into twelve sections by the ancient Babylonians, called houses, with the beginning of the zodiac cycle coinciding with the vernal equinox. Each of the zodiac's twelve sections has a designated zodiac sign and each of these zodiac signs has an angel that governs it.

The first house of the zodiac falls during the month of March and the sign for the first house is Aries. The sign for Aries is a ram and is governed by the zodiac angel Machidiel. The name Machidiel means Fullness of God and is also known as Malahidael. Machidiel summons the energy of the sun by imparting a ray of sunlight inside each person giving that person courage, stamina and hope during difficult personal times.

The second house of the zodiac, Taurus, falls during the month of April and its sign is the bull. The zodiac angel that governs Taurus is Asmodel and is believed to convey the Spirit of Rebirth. Asmodel encourages people to attempt innovative endeavors yet gives them security of mind to do so. As a member of the Order of Cherubim that guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden and Babylonian temples, Asmodel is believed to be a Demon of Punishment by some and an Angel of Patience by others. Asmodel is the giver of social attributes to humans.

May is the month in which Gemini, the third house of the zodiac, occurs. The sign for Gemini is twins. The angel associated with Gemini is Ambriel. Ambriel is an angel of protection and encourages humans to rely on and use their inner potential so that they may live a full and rewarding life. Ambriel gives humans wisdom and contentment.

The fourth house of the zodiac is Cancer and falls during the month of June and the zodiac sign for Cancer is the crab. Muriel is the angel associated with Cancer. Muriel is commonly known as the Angel of Emotions and teaches humans how to remain steadfast in their endeavors. Muriel also encourages Cancer natives to value family and to strive for peacefulness.

Leo is the fifth house of the zodiac falling in the month of July. The sign for Leo is the lion. Verchiel is the angel associated with the house of Leo. Verchiel is the angel of leisure and encourages humans to replenish their energy through relaxation and recreation. Verchiel also gives humans a generous heart, purity and optimism.

Virgo is the sixth house of the zodiac and falls during the month of August. The sign for Virgo is a virgin and the governing angel of Virgo is Hamaliel. Hamaliel is one the Rulers of the Order of Virtues and if often referred to as the "Angel of Perseverance" or the "Angel of Logic," and gives humans fortitude and aids a person to think logically when faced with adversity or challenges. Humans relying on Hamaliel will be steadfast and confident.

The seventh house of the zodiac, Libra, falls during the month of September. Its sign are scales of justice and the governing angel for Libra is Uriel or Zuriel. Uriel is said to be divine justice and is known to be the Archangel of Salvation. Uriel helps humans to forgive issues and release resentment resulting from disappointments. Uriel is responsible for fertility of mankind and balance in mankind's lives.

Scorpio is the eighth house of the zodiac, falling in the month of October. The sign for Scorpio is a scorpion and the angel that governs Scorpio is Barbiel. Barbiel is a fallen angel and serves in the underworld. Barbiel aids when facing choices and gives humans clear thinking when considering the consequences of those choices. Barbiel inspires love and personal strength in humans.

The ninth house of the zodiac falls during the month of November and it is Sagittarius. The sign for Sagittarius is the Archer and the angel associated with Sagittarius is Adnachiel. Adnachiel is the angel associated with independence and will guide a person in pursuit of their endeavors. It is believed by some that Adnachiel has control of the four elements, earth, wind, fire and air as well as the sun. Adnachiel is responsible for faith and inner calm in mankind.

Capricorn is the tenth house of the zodiac and falls during the month of December. The sign for Capricorn is the Goat and the governing angel of Capricorn is Hanael. Hanael is the Chief of Innocents and by calling upon him a human may be protected from evil. Hanael is the inspiration for loyalty and power in humans.

The eleventh house of the zodiac is Aquarius and the sign for Aquarius is the Water-Bearer. The governing angel for Aquarius is Cambriel or more commonly known as Gabriel. Gabriel grants wishes and mercy to humans, however is also known as the vengeance and death. Gabriel is a messenger of God and acts as an intermediary between God and man and is the inspiration for integrity and innovation in mankind.

The twelfth house of the zodiac is Pisces and the sign for Pisces is the Fishes. The angel that governs the house of Pisces is Barchiel. Barchiel presides over the sun and is the ruler of Jupiter. Barchiel inspires humans to develop a will to heal not only themselves but others as well. Barchiel instills compassion in mankind.

Not only are the angels of the zodiac known for governing the houses of the zodiac, but are considered to be guardian angels. As we stumble through our lives we can be thankful that there are guardian angels of the zodiac here to help us with our journey.

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